Ways To Get More Instagram Real Followers

Every business need social media presence and taking your business to Instagram can give you tremendous results. Instagram community is growing daily as more people are joining the social networking site. There are so many Instagram users with lot of followers and while others have less followers.

Women tend to have more followers on Instagram, probably maybe they love taking photos and Instagram is more of photo sharing. Well, I've never really taken Instagram serious until of recent. I used to wonder how do people get much followers, so I decided experiment. I created an anonymous Instagram account. Now I see how people increase their Instagram followers.

How To Get More Instagram Real Followers

*. Be active.
*. Share interesting photos and videos.
*. Use relevant hash tags on your photos and videos.
*. Tag relevant instagram users to your posts.
*. Advertise on Instagram.
*. Create posts that prompt others to be tagged.
*. Like others' photos and videos.
*. Comment on relevant posts made by other Instagram users.
*. Do giveaways.
*. Instagram account used for keeping up with friends should be different from the one for business.

These are natural ways to get real Instagram followers. Some people buy followers, but of what use is it to your business if your followers doesn't match your business goals? In time they will unfollow you. Therefore, attract only Instagram followers whom are interested in your business.
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  1. i just learnt a new thing about increasing followers on instagram. thanks Mazino.i love the tagging part more.


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