10 Efficient Android Apps For Students To Brush Up Their Skills

In the fast and competitive life, students are on their toes to prove their existence and intelligence in this competitive world. This article contains the 10 best Android apps that may help students to boost their skills. We bring to you the best Android apps that may ease a child’s workload and help him to work efficiently, scoring better. These Android apps may help every student to sustain themselves in the run for better educational prospects!

 10 Essential Android Apps Exclusively for Students  

Students have a power packed a day with tedious university hours or tuitions, leaving no time to help to work, study and organized things accordingly. They help you to complete your work on time so that you run parallel with the world. Read further to know about the features and utility of the app.

1. Any.do

This Android App helps the student to organize their daily task. Whenever you add new entries in the list, it synchronizes every work with other devices, for easy access. The clean touch interface and voice input help to work smartly without wasting time. After completion, mark your work as completed and with a shake remove all the to-do list as you finish the entire day. Download Any.do!

2. Scanner Pro

This tiny scanner app scans all your required documents and saves it as a PDF file. The Scanner Pro saves all your files to cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive. So, this app will be helpful to keep a track of all your important files or documents just by clicking a photo in your phone. You don’t need to run to the Xerox center now!  Download Scanner Pro!

3. Scribd

The Scribd is like a library inside your Android devices! This is a must required app which helps to search any document or books or journals that are shared by people across the world. This is a perfect app for the students who don’t prefer to go to the library. Students can find their related topics online and arrange it making notes. Share this with your friends and get everything with just a click! Download Scribd!

4. Dropbox

Notes are very precious especially during the arrival of examination. Daily upload all your documents in cloud and access it from any electronic devices.  Store all your files, videos, photos in the Dropbox and remain tension free till the arrival of your exams. Access all your documents from anywhere. This app helps you to become organized and know your topics. Download Dropbox!

5. Studious

Do you forget the time of your lecture, time, subject, test dates, etc? The Studious app reminds you about all your important dates so that you don’t miss any of your important lecture or tests. The student just requires to feed all the required inputs and rest of the work is done by your Android app.  It works as a reminder and helps you become ‘Studious Child’. Download Studious!

6. Cliffs Notes

This is the best Android tool for a research student. The app saves everything the user reads online or offline. The Cliffs Notes are designed specially for the avid readers. The app collects all the articles, newspapers, journals that are read and retains every information you require. You can have a quick revision of everything you have studied just before a test. Wow! This sounds great! Download Cliffs Notes!

7. Mathway

Now you don’t need to brainstorm behind one difficult sum in Maths! It can be understood that sometimes, we fail to get answers to a maths sum. This Mathway gives you step by step solution to the sum, so that don’t get stuck. For the Maths lovers and the haters, this app is a guide to your Algebra, Calculus or Geometry sums! Download Mathway!

8. iTunes U

ITunes U is your career partner as it keeps you aware of all the educational courses offered in leading universities in the world. This app is a must for all students and parents who are stressful about their child’s future. Learn about your child’s interest and search accordingly. Also get the updated syllabus, subjects and every information provided by this amazing app. Download iTunes U!

9. The Oxford Dictionary

Whenever we learn a new English word, we all get curious to know the meaning of the desired word. A handy dictionary is a must downloading app on your Android phone. There are many dictionary apps available in the Google play store! But the relevant one for all is the Oxford dictionary app that provides American and British variants and audio pronunciation that makes it unique from others! Download The Oxford Dictionary!

10. Self Control

With the final examinations around the corner and you are engaged on social networking sites or playing games. The Self-control app helps you to focus on your studies. The app blocks some of your fave websites like Facebook, Instagram or the WhatsApp so that you concentrate on your examinations. This is what is required not only by students but everyone of us! Don’t you think! Download Self Control!

Handy Apps Useful for Students!

I will end the article with this meaningful quote ‘STUDY DEPENDS ON THE SECOND LETTER’. Education is very important for everyone! As we are lucky to receive it, we all should respect it and study hard for a better tomorrow. These are handy Android apps for all the youngsters who are surrounded by various distractions! Try them to concentrate more on your studies.

This post was written by Sejal Parmar for Mazinoweb. Sejal Parmar is an Android Geek and she loves exploring apps. She blogs about Android Apps & Games at NoxAppPlayer.com.    
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