How To Make Emporio Theme Sidebar Show On Opera Browser

Emporio theme is one of the best new themes from Blogger and customizing it has been an issue for many bloggers after installing it. While editing the theme, I didn't check my blog on Opera browser until two fellow bloggers sent me the screenshot of how my blog appears on Opera browser. The sidebar always falls at the bottom of post pages. That is, when you click on a post, the sidebar is seen at the blog bottom, above the footer.

Emporio theme is designed by default to let the sidebar sit at the bottom on some browsers according to its width. There is a media query condition in Emporio theme code that is responsible for it. But this can be corrected and the sidebar won't appear at the bottom. Below is a simple tutorial on how to fix that.

Sign in to your blogger dashboard at

==> Go to Theme > Edit HTML.

==> Search for @media (max-width: 1328px) 

==> Edit 1328px to 640px or to a range of not more than 750px.

==> Click Save Theme.

How To Allow Emporio Theme Sidebar Display On Opera Browser

This is just so quick and easy tweak. What you do think? 
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Tunde Sanusi said…
Thanks for the great share bro!
Thumbs up😉
Emmanuel Ekanem said…
Wow! This seems to look easy, but definitely was not easy to discover.
Nice one Mazino!
Cynthia Ango said…
thanks for this tip..i just started using emporio theme on my blog but am looking for a way to make related post show on both mobile and pc..
Nice one.

Though am not using the theme, I know it was hard to discover and I give you thumbs up for that.
Master Gabriel said…
Thank you for this tip..... its really amazing on my Science'n'Tech Blog