URL Does Not Appear To Reference A Valid XML File. How To Fix

The URL does not appear to reference a valid XML file. We encountered the following problem. Error on line 150. The element type "LINK" must be terminated by matching end tag "</LINK>".

The above message is what you get when you try to burn a new feed from Feedburner and no valid feed was found at that web address.

Maybe you will see another message similar to this one but one thing you should know is, FeedBurner can't find a valid feed for that blog.

URL Does Not Appear To Reference A Valid XML File

There are possible reasons why this problem normally arose but yet, fixing it might be difficult especially when it is confirmed that the feed is validated.

Well, not to talk much! If you encounter this problem that is, unable to create an RSS feed for your blog, there is a solution for that.

How To Fix URL Does Not Appear To Reference A Valid XML File

Go back and try to burn a new feed but add  /rss.xml to the URL. That is, in this format: mazinoweb.com/rss.xml. Then you proceed with remaining steps.

URL Does Not Appear To Reference A Valid XML File

Once you are done. You can decide to delete the feed and burn a new one so that you have the regular feed address without the /rss.xml.

When you want to burn a new feed after following the above steps, there is no need to add /rss.xml at the end of URL.


Fomo Publishers Network: Adsense Alternative. Earn Up To $100 For Referral

This post is all about Fomo Publishers Network review. Fomo Publishers Network is another advertising network just like Google Adsense. But unlike Google Adsense which pay mostly from clicks, Fomo pay per impressions.

In this post, you will know how to become a Fomo ad publisher and how to earn up to $100 or more from Fomo publishers referral program.

You can call Fomo an alternative to Google Adsense, maybe the best alternative for now.

Fomo advertisers are charged per ad impression basis and publishers are paid a majority of the ad revenue.

At the time of writing this post, Fomo pays publishers $2 per 1000 ad impressions. Sometimes a single pageview can display 2-3 ads, therefore you can earn $6-$10 per 1000 ad pageviews. Doesn't this sound cool?

How To Apply For Fomo Publishers Network

Applying for Fomo Publishers Network is fast and easy but approval criteria are not easy.

To apply, visit the publisher signup page and follow all the instructions prompt.

Click on the embed tab and copy the code to place on your website. Make sure you paste the code on the exact URL you used for signup.

If your site is approved, ads will start displaying and you will start seeing stats on your dashboard.

If your site traffic is mostly from the USA and other English speaking countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada etc, you have a better chance of approval.

Fomo Publishers Payout

Unlike so many ad networks such as Google Adsense, Fomo Publishers has no minimum payout threshold. Payment is once in a month and you can receive any small amount you earn for that month. Payment method is PayPal.

How To Earn Up To $100 On Fomo Publisher Referral

While waiting for your site to be approved, you can still earn from Fomo through referral. In fact, this is how most people who sign up for Fomo Publishers are using to earn.

You will earn $10 for every approved publisher who embeds the ad snippet on his or her website. Read that sentence again! You will only earn $10 if your referral's website is approved for Fomo Publishers Network.

Fomo Publishers referral is legit. Below is the first payment I received after sign up.

Fomo Payment Proof

If you want to make money online without spending money, then you should try Fomo publishers network.

Fomo Publishers Registration Link


How To Make Money On Wakanda Nation Income Program

Wakanda Nation is a website where you can make money online in Nigeria by reading news and sharing posts. This post is on how to earn money on Wakanda Nation income program.

You must have been searching the internet on how to make money from home in Nigeria or easy ways to make money online. Wakanda Nation income program is one of such ways.

Wakanda Nation Income Program

What is Wakanda Nation

Wakanda Nation has the web address wakanda.ng, for publishing latest and trending news.

Wakanda Nation office is in Abuja and can be contacted by telephone or email. Wakanda.ng is owned and managed by Ladina Integrated Services and are registered with the corporate affairs commission.

A duly registered business can hardly be a scam. Many people are scared of falling for scams online. Nevertheless, just read on to find out how to make money on Wakanda Nation.

Many of these following search phrases must have brought you to mazinoweb.com;

Wakanda Nation review, Wakanda Nation login, Wakanda Nation income, affiliate area Wakanda Nation, Wakanda Nation news, Wakanda login, how to make money on Wakanda Nation or make money online in Nigeria reading news.

Well, you are on the right web page if you want to know how to make money on Wakanda Nation. You must have read about Wakanda nation income program review on other blogs and you came here for further clarification. Yes, you can actually make money on wakanda.ng.

How To Make Money On Wakanda Nation Income Program

Wakanda.ng income program allows you to make money online in Nigeria in two ways. 1. Wakanda adverts-revenue sharing (WADS) and Wakanda affiliate program (WAP).

Wakanda Advert-Revenue Sharing (WADS)

How you can make money from WAD is by daily login, sharing sponsored posts and commenting on posts.

Daily login: You will earn N50 daily for being active on Wakanda.ng website. This means that for each day you log in on the website you earn N50.

Commenting: You will N2 daily for every valid comment. This means that for every comment you make on wakanda.ng you earn N2.

Sharing Sponsored Post: You will earn N50 for every assigned sponsored post shared on your Facebook wall. This means that for every sponsored post you are given to share on your Facebook will be N50 as earning.
Wakanda Nation: Make money online in Nigeria

Wakanda Affiliate Program (WAP)

There is no limit to how much you can earn as an affiliate on the Wakanda Nation income program. You earn when you refer others to join Wakanda.ng income Program. For each person referred through your referral link earn you N1000.

If you register for free, you can't participate in Wakanda Affiliate Program.

How To Join Wakanda Nation Income Program

To join the Wakanda.ng income program and start making online in Nigeria, you must make a one-time registration payment of N1300. This one-time registration fee makes you become an affiliate and earn money when you refer others.

The minimum payout on Wakanda Nation income program is N4000. Payment is sent every Sunday of the month and withdrawal request is every Friday of the month.

Wakanda.ng Registration Procedure

Registration procedure on Wakanda.ng is very easy and fast. The steps are highlighted below:

1. Visit Wakanda.ng registration page.

2. Fill in your relevant and accurate details as required.

3. Proceed to the affiliate area and pay the one-time registration fee which N1300 using your debit card or Wakanda coupon code.

Wakanda Nation income program is not meant for only those living in Nigeria. Those living outside Nigeria can join the program and start making money online.

International members can register as an affiliate and make payment with bitcoin. They also get payment via bitcoin.

Wakanda Nation income program is one of the online money making sites in Nigeria to earn weekly. It is one of the easy ways to make money online in Nigeria.

Wakanda.ng income program is a cool way to make money online for beginners. If you are looking for legit ways to make money online, why not join the Wakanda Nation Income Program?

Before I end this post, I will like to let you know that Wakanda Nation Income program is not a scam. They make their money from adverts. It is from this money they paid their members.

No one can guarantee how long Wakanda.ng income program will last, but for now, they are still on and paying.

If you are having an issue with registration, or for other inquiries relating to Wakanda Nation income program you can leave a comment or contact me on WhatsApp +2348105792124.

How To Make Money On NNU.NG Income Program

Nnu.ng is one of the most popular websites in Nigeria that pays you to read news online. With NNU income program, you can make money from home in Nigeria. This is one of the online money making business in Nigeria.

I have gotten a lot of enquiries on Facebook on NNU income program and some are skeptical if NNU income program is legit or scam.

If you have doubts, I can tell you that NNU income program is legit. There are a lot of people that have cashed out monthly. You will still hear of others unable to cash out, this is so because they didn't meet the requirements.

In this post, I will tell you all you need to know about nnu.ng and NNU income program. Please do know that nnu.ng is the first website in Nigeria that pay you to read the news, comment, and share sponsored posts.

If you want to know how to earn money online in Nigeria, then you should try NNU income program or Wakanda Nation. This is one sure way to make money online for beginners.

What You Need To Know About NNU.NG

NNU.NG is just like other news websites in Nigeria. But unlike others, you can make money on nnu.ng. You may wonder why nnu.ng pay people to visit their website and how do they make their money.

NNU want people to know about them. They want more audience. The more visitors they have, the more money they make. How?

A lot of businesses, individuals, agencies, and brands spend money to advertise on websites that have thousands of daily visitors.

It is part of this money made from advertisements nng.ng used to pay their registered members that participate in earning activities such as daily login, sharing sponsored posts or commenting.

How To Register For NNU.NG Income Program

To make money on nnu.ng, you must first be a registered member. Registration is easy and fast. You can register here. Make sure you use your ATM card for fast and easy registration to pay N1600. This means you should choose Paystack as the payment gateway. Using coupon may take time for your account to be activated.

When you visit the registration page, make sure you use your correct details: name, email, and phone number. Do not edit the referrer field which has mazinoweb. If the referrer box is blank, add mazinoweb.

How To Make Money On NNU.NG Income Program

After registration, you can start making money right away on nnu.ng. You can make money on nnu.ng income program through the following ways:

1. Login daily: For every day you log in to your nnu.ng account, you will earn N50.

2. Commenting: For every valid comment you leave on each post on nnu.ng website, you will earn N2.

3. Contributing: When you post a topic on nnu.ng and it gets approved, you will earn N100.

4. Sharing Sponsored Post on Social Media: Members are assigned sponsored posts to share on Facebook and Twitter. When you share the recommended post on your timeline, you will earn N100.

5. Referring: When you refer someone to join nnu.ng, you will earn N1000. Referral must make the payment of N1600 in order for you to earn.

If you think people don't make big money on nnu.ng, then take a look at the screenshot below. Look at the number 3 and look at the other screenshots below it.

In case you don't know, the above earner is my Facebook friend and a fellow blogger too.

Nnu.ng is among the top online money making sites in Nigeria and it is one of the easy ways to make money online. If you will like to join and need further assistance from me, you can contact my Facebook page.


Quickteller App Login Error: How To Fix

Are you unable to log into your quickteller app on your android phone? You may encounter login error when you try to log into the quickteller app.

This is the login error message you are most probably going to see: The date set on your phone may be wrong. Please set it correctly and try again.

The date set on your phone may be wrong. Please set it correctly and try again.

How do you fix this? 

The first step is to check if the date set on your phone is actually correct. If it is correct then, the problem has nothing to do with the date.

The thing is, the recent update on the quickteller app does not work on some lower android versions. So to use the quickteller app without login error issue, upgrade your phone to a higher version. This also applies to the verveworld app. You won't be able to log into the verve world app if you can't log into your quickteller app.


Payoneer The Best Alternative To PayPal In Nigeria

Being a digital entrepreneur was once something lots of folks never wanted to hear. This may be because they can’t actually pinpoint how to get their money after they have rendered their services to foreign clients. Most times the question is always, how do withdraw the funds? Especially if you belong to a freelancing platform like Fiverr, Upwork, Seoclerk, Freelancer,  99design, Guru.com, etc.

You could face the same challenge if you are an affiliate in any of the affiliate network/programs or probably you are a blogger earning from Google Adsense. Whichever one you chose to belong, you must be ready to at least discover a payment platform that will be the best.


When Nigerian started using Paypal, it was very awesome but some of the features other countries are enjoying were restricted from us. Though this never bothered the Nigerians community probably because we still do receive and send money, they can as well go to hell with their features.

The next phase was a massive ban for Nigerian leading to a lot of Nigerian accounts being disabled while people that have their funds lost them all.  As time proceeds the restrictions become worst to the extent that Nigerian can only purchase with this platform.

Meaning, if you are a Nigerian handling massive foreign countries you got to find a country that you can use to reach to your client.

Looking for the best PayPal Nigeria Alternative as at now? Then you got Payoneer. This is where Payoneer came to our rescue.

How does Payoneer work?

Payoneer is an international payment gateway that issues a master card that can be used to withdraw your funds even directly from your bank in Nigeria.

With this account, you are sure to withdraw your hard earning anywhere in Nigeria. To register on Payoneer, you need no special digital skill. Just with your internet and your computer or even your mobile phone and in a few minutes you would have forgotten that you created an account with them.

That’s how hassle-free the platform is. To register on Payoneer you will be required of the following.
Your Valid email address
A valid home address as this will be used to deliver your debit card to you.
A valid Means of Identification. You can use your Voters Card, National ID card or Driver license. Get a scanned copy of any of the card.
You must be 18 years of age before heading to that platform otherwise you won’t be eligible for having an account.

Some of the benefits of having a Payoneer account in Nigeria

You don’t need any form of VPN to help you register.
You don’t need to fake it before you can be able to open an account, unlike Paypal that you need to find an alternative since Nigerian is restricted to using certain features.
You can always order your debit card to help you make an online payment on site that requires master cards. (before it is free but now you have to order for it before you can be able to get it)
Registering on Payoneer is totally free and requires no special digital skills.
With Payoneer's master card you can withdraw from any bank in Nigeria.

Head to payoneer.com to sign up and start receiving funds easily and fast.
That’s it.


Can't Install App From Google PlayStore? Try This

If you are an android user, PlayStore is where you get a lot of apps for your device. Sometimes you may have tried installing an app from PlayStore but after downloading, it can't be installed.

The error message can be "App can't installed. Try again, and if the problem continues, get help troubleshooting (Error code:-103)". Sometimes this problem can be caused as a result of less memory space. If an app cannot be installed when you have much enough memory space, what can you do to fix the issue?

Well, there is something you try.

Go to Playstore App info and Clear data or Uninstall updates

Then go to Google PlayStore and try to download the app that couldn't be installed the first time. This fix may work for you if the problem wasn't as a result of memory full on your device.

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