Women In Business Features Toke Bright, COO Of Okaybee Farms

I have decided to start a new segment on mazinoweb.com titled "Women In Business". I did not write about it in any previous posts because I feel there is no need for that. Women in business features women who are into business be-it SMEs or otherwise. They are here to tell us all about running a business successfully and to inspire all women to do the impossibilities.

I have here a young lady by the name Toke Bright. She is here to tell us about herself and her business.

Mazino: Tell us a little more about yourself.

Toke: My Name is Toke Bright. My passion lies in writing, arts and design and business. As a Quantity surveyor it is quite easy to flow with the different kinds of construction works going on and appreciate them. I love anything creative and hand made with a positive vibe.

Mazino: I realize you are into business. What kind of business are you into?

Toke: I'm into a lot of businesses both pre-conceived and conceived among which is OKAYBEE farms.

Mazino: Can you mention a few of these businesses and also about Okaybee farms?

Toke: A Snail processing firm. We deal in sourcing Snails of different sizes and breeds from the farm and ridding these Snails of their shells thereby making it readily available for the final consumers. We do not just deliver, we leave our mark of excellence wherever we go and that is what has provided us recommendations. The other businesses will announce itself when it's out of the incubator.

Mazino: Tell me about your position in Okaybee Farms?

Toke: I'm the Chief Operating Officer of OKAYBEE Farms.

Mazino: When and how did you start up Okaybee Farms and what led you into Snail farming?

Toke: I started OKAYBEE Farms early this year and the mission behind this was to solve a problem of the availability of meat at your disposal. So many see Snail as healthy but they wouldn't want to go through the stress of de-shelling and cleaning the slime off the Snail. I've had an experience at a younger age up in the northern part of Nigeria where we cultivated plants on the farm, had poultry and goats. It was fun and at the same time challenging, but through that it made me appreciate agriculture more than ever before.

Mazino: How is the facility or structure like in Okaybee Farms?

Toke: The aspect of processing is where we have started with but eventually we intend to include production. OKAYBEE Farms is still in its cottage industry format. We set up the cleaning and slicing of the snails, package it as required although some like it unpackaged. But to promote our brand, we will include our card or contact for feedback.

Mazino: Do you your grow the Snails?

Toke: The process of production which I earlier mentioned is what we intend to imbibe into the business as it blossoms over time.

Mazino: Alright. How do your farm get the Snails?

Toke: We are in partnership with a production firm that sources the best Snails and because we visit the site on a regular basis we know the feed and the environment is safe and easily accommodating for the utmost growth of the snails, thereby making the supply chain a great one.

Mazino: How is the patronage so far?

Toke: The patronage has been going on well and due to our various means of advert on our blog and various social media we have been able to reach out to so many people.

Mazino: What are the numbers of employees currently at okaybee farms?

Toke: We are a small unit now but eventually our products will speak for us. We intend to employ more hands as we need a faster and efficient system in such a way that even when traffic evades Lagos city, we will still deliver in good time.

Mazino: How many staff do you have currently?

Toke: It's a range of 10-20 presently, that's because there are contract staff and fulltime staff.

Mazino: How profitable is Snail farming? For anyone who want to start up snail farming, what is an estimate of the start-up capital?

Toke: Entrepreneurship is not for everyone just like snail farming, so I would implore anyone that intends to venture into it must first be passionate about it because it has it's pros and cons. In all, it is not expensive to manage a Snail farm, but you must be available to feed them a balanced meal, change their beddings and ensure they are not dehydrated. Snails go into hibernation during the hot season so the price will sky rocket at such period. I would say Snail farming is an incredibly fulfilling venture.

Mazino: You said you must be available to feed them balance meal and change their beddings. Do you stay close to the farm to achieve this? And what actually do Snails feed on?

Toke: The farm is within Lagos and feeding is done with a blend of all the nutritional values needed such as fruits, carbohydrates, vitamins, protein and others. You would need to come for coaching lessons for detailed information.

Mazino: Do you train people on Snail farming?

Toke: I give basic training on the knowledge impacted by my mentors in the business.

Mazino: For those interested in Snail farming, how will they contact you?

Toke: They can contact me via my email : Tokebright@yahoo.com

Mazino: Lastly, are all Snails edible?

Toke: Snails contain everything you need for a balanced weight, health, stability and all round development. I include it in my diet and you can boil, grill or fry depending on how you like it. How about this: I invite you over for a convincing taste.

Mazino: Okay Toke, that will be nice.

That was Toke Bright telling us about Snail farming. If you love to be featured here or you know of any female in business out there which you think need to be here, you can send me email to mazino[at]mazinoweb.com

Photos: Some of Toke Bright Snails Collections..


  1. this interview with Toke Bright has unveiled the truth that every women can become an icon of a business that is not yet recognized in a location. Toke Bright you are really a genius to come up with this business.

  2. This is great Toke! All the best dear.


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