Thursday, 26 May 2016

Lagos State Government Begins Online Registration Of Unemployed People

The Lagos State government under the auspices of Ministry Of Wealth Creation And Employment has started online registration of unemployed people to enable it develop appropriate intervention programmes.

The exercise will also provide data and profiles of jobless youths, with a view to training them. Unemployed youths are advised to register online. During registration, residents will be expected to provide pertinent information, including education level and skills.

To Registration, Visit
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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Glo Introduces Cheaper Data Plan

And the competition continues as Glo introduces cheaper data plan just like other telecom operators. N2500 for 5GB (so special) is the first of it kind among all the telecom operators. N1500 for 1.5GB still remain the same with MTN and Etisalat. We just have to wait to see what will happen next as the battle for the cheapest data plan continues.
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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Etisalat Introduces Cheaper Data Plan

Etisalat decided to give other telecom operators stiff competition in terms of internet data. Just when I thought MTN will be my next choice after they introduced cheaper data plan some days back, Etisalat showed they can also do the same. Here is new tariff plan for Etisalat internet bundle..

N1000 now gives you 1.5GB and N2000 gives you 3.5GB. Unlike before when N1000 goes for 1GB and N2000 goes for 2GB. The choice is yours!
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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Introducing 2Kondo - Nigeria's Platform For Exchange Of Services Online

2kondo is Nigeria's biggest platform for exchange of services online. It goal is to empower the average Nigerian. 2kondo is a Marketplace for Professional services and product, where you can buy or sell services and products in Nigeria online. 2kondo is good source for those who have a real talent and wants to sell it for money. 2kondo is two thousand naira market where you can buy and sell anything for just 2,000 naira.

Making money from 2kondo is much easier method all you need to do is sell a real and professional services. Anybody with regular job and want to make extra income online can also use

Sign Up and Completing your Profile

To sign up for 2kondo just go on there JOIN page and choose any one method, you can even do sign up with Facebook. After joining you must have to compete your profile before selling your service because people wouldn’t buy anything from anonymous.

You must have your own profile picture or your business logo on 2kondo and a professional bio about you or your business. These two easy steps will make your profile look attractive to attract some buyers.

Creating a Gigg

Getting buyers is actually a talent and only master minds can do it well. To attract buyers on 2kondo its all depends upon your Gigg. A creative Gigg in which your service is well explained with examples and portfolio can sell more then others.

There are lot of factors depends on to create you gig to attract more buyers. Lets break down this part.

Gigg Title – Catchy Title is thing that buyer read first on your Gigg if the title is not so good buyer will not click on it to get more information about your service. So here are some point to remember while writing a Gigg title. Title should not be too long because long title doesn’t show full on 2kondo’s home page.

The title should be in range of 60-80 letters. Cover only good about your service in title. Grab buyers attention by adding some words like “Unlimited”.

Category – 2kondo offer many category to put your Gigg in. It is also a important to drop your gigg in right category because it helps buyers to find your Gig easily.
Example – If you are selling Facebook and Twitter followers then it should be go in Online Marketing category.

Gigg Gallery – Gigg with no pictures looks like Dumb and will not attract any buyer. So to ensure your service to be sold, Please must upload at least 4 to 5 pictures. You can upload pictures of your recent work done to show buyers that how good is your service but make sure your all pictures must be original.

Sign up today and starts selling your skills online at
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Friday, 6 May 2016

MTN Introduces Cheaper Data Bundles - See Details

MTN has revised their data bundle and this time it's too good to be true. I think I may to have to revert to MTN when my present mobile data expires..Only time will tell. Checkout the new mobile data plan.

Plan     Price Validity (SMS to131) USSD

30MB   100      24HRS   104    *131*104#
100MB 200      24HRS   113    *131*113#
750MB 500      7Days    103    *131*103#
1.5GB   1000    30Days  106    *131*106#
3.5GB   2000    30 Days 110    *131*110#
10GB   5,000    30 Days 116    *131*116#
22GB   10,000  30 Days 117    *131*117#
50GB   20,000  90 Days 118    *131*118#
85GB   50,000  90 Days 133    *131*133#
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