Register For Mastering The Act Of Blogging And Blog Monetization Training

There is no doubt that blogging is becoming a money spinning venture. Blogging is a hobby to some people and to others it is a profession. Whatever it is to you, it is time to master the act of blogging and blog monetization.  A four days online class to teach all you need to know about blogging and blog monetization is coming.

Learning Methodology

This training will be highly interactive, with a mix of theory and practical sessions. Participants will have the opportunity to have practical experience, learn from others through group discussions and be exposed your skills through a series of individual and group exercises.


1. What is blogging?
2. Blogging Niches
a. What is it?
b. How do you choose?
3. What are blogging platforms and which ones are the most popular?
4. Wordpress vs Blogger
b. Merits & Demerits of Blogger
c. Merits & Demerits of Wordpress
Which one should you choose?
5. Introduction to blog monetization
6. Blogger platform
a. How to set it up
b. How to get custom blogger themes
c. Customizing/editing blogger themes.
d. How to point custom domains to your blogger blog
e. Creating and publishing your first post.
f. Managing settings
7. Wordpress platform
a. Wordpress.com blog vs self-hosted
Wordpress blog
b. How to set it up
c. Pointing your domain name to your self-hosted Wordpress blog
d. How and where to get themes
e. Must-have plug-ins
f. Creating and publishing your first post
Managing settings
8. Traffic generation
a. Organic traffic
b. Paid traffic
i. FB ads
ii. FB groups
iii. Adwords
iv. Native Advertising (Content.ad, MGID, Outbrain, Revcontent etc.)
v. Banner ads on other blogs
vi. Guest posting etc.
c. Backlinks
d. User engagement
e. Lead generation via subscriber list
9. Search Engine Optimization
a. Optimizing your post title
b. Optimizing your content
c. Optimizing your images
d. Wordpress SEO plugins
10. Monetizing your blog
a. Adsense
b. Native advertising networks
c. Guest posting
d. Training
e. E-book / other product sales etc.
f. Corporate sponsorship
11. Sourcing for current news
12. Introduction to Google Analytics
13. Introduction to Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools)
14. Miscellaneous

Target Audience

This training is intended for newbies, part-time and full-time bloggers who want establish a solid online presence via blogging.

Registration Details

This is a pre-registration event. Each participant is expected to send full names and phone to +2348105792124 to secure a space.

Payment Details

The total cost for this training is N2000 payable to the account: OyoloKigho Mazino ******1963 Skye bank before the 27th of June, 2016.

Training Location: Whatsapp group

Date: 27 - 30 June 2016.


*. Tunde Faniran
Founder & Blogger at techrammer.com,
Software Developer, Admin at Bloggers Helping Bloggers group on Facebook.

*. Mazino Oyolo Kigho
Founder & Blogger at mazinoweb.com, Creator of Facebook group Bloggers helping Bloggers (BHB).

For further enquiries call 2348105792124 or 2348053325153.


  1. Lol N2000 for Nonsense

    1. Your comment show how senseless you are

    2. Matthew father is suffering from poverty that why it non sense to him. He is one of those senseless Nigerian bloggers

  2. Boss, this is a lovely one, bt unfortunately i dont av a watsapping phone 4nw hw wil i do register..
    Dnt av Andriod fone...
    Any solution..


  3. This is a nice initiative I will definitely endeavor to be part of this. This will help a lot of bloggers know how to be at the top.

  4. Good one Mazino, am sure the people that registered will benefit a lot from this..

    I rep www.lasgidionline.com.ng

  5. Nice innovation Mazino, things like this will encourage upcoming bloggers. I'm sure they will benefit alot from this.

    I stand for Sound Health Doctor

  6. OOOOh i have missed out...bro please keep us posted when next you are having this kind of session.

  7. saw the advert late,please can you create anyway for late reg or personal class,am desperate pls

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