How To Delete A Card From Quickteller Using Verve World App

Removing your expired or stolen card from quickteller is now hassle free. Unlike before when you need to contact to delete an expired card which depends on when your requested is granted, now you can do remove any card so easily and fast just like sending money.

The verve world app allows you to permanently delete any card at any point in time and add a new one. To do this, go to Apple store/Playstore to download the verve world app on your on mobile phone. After that, you can follow these steps below using the verve world app.

==> Open the verve world app and login with quickteller details.

==> Upon login, you will be sent a code as One Time Password as text message to your registered quickteller number. Input the code.

==> Your device is now activated for verve world transactions. Click on continue.

==> Now to remove a card, click the one you want to remove. I want to remove the Syke MasterCard 8149.

==> Once you click on the card you want to remove, the next step is to click on the Card preferences.

==> Click on Remove from verve eWallet to permanently delete the card.

==> Click on yes to confirm deletion.

==> Go to your quickteller app. Click on the three dot at the upper right.

==> Click Resync.

Now you've successful remove your card. To confirm this go to on web to see if your card still is there or not.

You can also remove your card by visiting

Next post will be how to add and activate a new card using the Verve World app.

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