Advertising Your Business With Facebook Page

Facebook is the market place when it comes to advertising your business on social media. Some other social media sites offer advertising but Facebook is the largest community of all.

Facebook pages are designed to enable individuals and business owners build an online community and also promote their business or content. So if you are ready to take your business to Facebook for a wider reach, then you should own a page. There are many tutorials online to guide you in creating a Facebook page, so get a hold on them and get started.

If you already have an active Facebook page, you can start advertising. I have outline a simple process of getting started. Depending on what you are promoting, adding the content to your page allows you to boost a post. You should click on Boost Post.

Choosing Your Audience

Do not choose people who like your page and their friends. You will not have much reach. Tick People you choose through targeting.


If your business is relevant to only Nigerians, then choose only Nigeria. If what you are advertising affects other locations, you should choose more countries.


Some people will leave this blank while others will add audience interests. When you add interests, Facebook will help you reach specific audiences by looking at their interests, activities, the pages they have liked, and closely related topics.


If you are promoting a sexual health product, you must choose 18 and above. But if it's a product such as mobile phones, you can choose 13 and above. Read Facebook advertising guidelines and policy for more information.


If your product, service or content is gender specific, then you should choose either Male or Female. But if it relevant to both Male and Female, then choose Both.

Choosing Your Budget

Your budget can determines how far and how well your ad will go. Facebook offers you different billing currencies. I'm on dollar billing. You can choose which currency suits you. Choose the amount you wish to spend. You are allow to spend a minimum of $1 per day.


This option allows to set how many days you want your advert to run.

Finally, Click on Boost. Your ad will be reviewed before it is approved.

If you haven't set your advertising account before now, you'll be taken to a page where you will be required to fill your payment details. Make sure your card is enabled for online transactions before proceeding. If not, Facebook will reject it and and you won't be able to run any ad.

Note: The images from this post are from Facebook page manager app. You may not have exact interface when you are using your mobile or web browsers. Facebook has advertising guidelines and policy. You cannot just promote whatever you like. If your advert violates their policy, your advertising account will be disabled. If your advert did not meet their advertising guidelines, your advert will be disapproved.

If you need any other clarification, feel free to contact me.


  1. Okay bro i love the write up, but i tried advertising with my uba master card, facebook rejected it any solution?

    1. You may need to contact your bank. Some banks have disabled their cards for online international transactions. I don't know about UBA.

  2. Thank you for this post, now am ready to run Facebook ads.

  3. thanks for this am really grateful...


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