Domainking Affiliate Program Is Genuine

Affiliate marketing shouldn't be a strange word to anyone who is a blogger or an internet marketer. Domainking is a global domain registrar and web host whose primary services are domain name, web hosting, WordPress hosting, and website design.

Domainking has an affiliate program that allows anyone to earn commission from users who sign up from a promoted link/banner and complete their hosting orders.

In recent times, there have been disbelieved that domainking affiliate program is real. Many bloggers say they have referred a lot of people as shown in their affiliate report and yet nothing has been earned. Anyway, I decided to give them chance and the story was quite different from what some say about it. I added domainking affiliate banner to my blog. My intention was not because I want to make money from the domainking affiliate but determine its credibility.

As can be seen in the screenshot above from my own report,  numbers of visitors referred are 205 and numbers of signups is 5.  At this point, some people say they have gotten signups too but yet they didn't earn a dime.

At this point, some people say they have gotten signups too but yet they didn't earn a dime. As seen from the second screenshot below, the 5 people who signup through my link made purchases and commission were gotten.

Commissions Pending Maturation refers to the commissions that have not yet matured & will be available in your balance in 45days.

Available Commissions Balance refers to the affiliate balance that you can withdraw now.


Domainking affiliate program is real. The wrong thinking by some affiliate marketers of the domainking program is that since they referred a lot of people and also has signups, they should have gotten a commission. They fail to realize that purchases must be made. If domainking was paying for signups alone, then I should create like 50 accounts and signup through my affiliate link so that I can get lots of commission. Funny indeed!


I feel the report parameters should be changed. Number of Visitors Referred should be changed to Numbers of Visits or Clicks. It is believed by some that the people they referred must determine their commission which is true in some affiliate programs. I hope domainking starts giving commissions for referrals on domain name purchase soon.


  1. It is genuine, mine is at #856, 2 signups, 1 completed and 1 uncompleted orders and 58 visitors.

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    1. Why do you come to the public to glorify your ignorance? Did you read that domainking gives commission for domain purchases?

  3. DomainKing affiliate Program is real only that they don't Give commison for Domain sale. but according to the officials they say it will be there next target given commsion for domain sale .looking forward to see that changes!!!


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