Understanding Social Media Policy As An Employee

Many who work in an organization at some point will access social networking sites either for personal reasons or for the sake of their job. As an employee or a corporate representative of a company, it is important to know that social media policy exist.

Social media policy, also known as social networking policy is a corporate code of conduct that provides guidelines for employees when posting content on the internet.

The purpose of a social media policy is to ensure that whatever an employee is posting on social media will not result in legal problems or tarnish the image of an organization.

Every brand has its own social policy to govern employees on how they use social media especially if they have identified themselves as representatives.

Every organization cares about reputation which can either be boosted or destroyed by employee(s) with what they post on social media. There are have been cases where some employees were sacked for the misuse of social media. This could also happen to anyone who disregards social networking policy.

If you are new in your place of work, ensure that you enquire about the social media policy. If your company doesn't have any, make sure you are careful in using social networking sites.

Many employers don't want to see their staff using Facebook or Twitter during work time. If there is no restriction on the use of social media, it is very important that there should be a limitation in the time spent on the internet during working hours except the nature of the job require the use of social networking sites or you are a social media manager.

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