Linking Your Instagram Business Profile To A Facebook Page

Instagram business profile allows you to connect with your customers or followers on Instagram. With an Instagram business profile, you can link your account to a Facebook page of your choice.

This means that if you have a Facebook business page, you can as well link your business profile of Instagram. Remember, Facebook owns Instagram, so integration will be much easier.

How To Link Your Instagram Business profile To A Facebook Page

Make sure you have switched from personal profile to business profile. Let assume you have done, then follow the steps below.

==> Click on the three dotted lines at the upper right corner of your profile page to go to Options.

==> Click on Linked Accounts just below SETTINGS.

==> Click on Facebook.

==> You should see the page that tells you Connect To Facebook. Click on login with Facebook.

==> You will be taken to the login page of your Facebook App. Fill your login details. Click LOG IN.

==> Click on continue.

==> Click on OK. As each page keep opening, just keep clicking OK.

==> You will need to connect a Facebook page to your business profile. You can select the page you wish to link to your Instagram business profile.

==> The next step is to set up your business profile. This option allows you to add your Email, Phone or Address.  After adding the details you prefer, click on the pass mark blue sign at the upper right corner to continue.

==> You have successfully linked your Instagram business profile to your Facebook page.

Your business info will appear on your profile. A Phone icon or Contact Button will be on your Instagram business profile. When someone clicks on it, it pops out Call or Email options to contact you. Now you can use this feature to grow your business on Instagram.

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