Steps To Begin Using Google Spaces App

Spaces is unique because it lets people create a topic and space about anything. Spaces is available on web and mobile using your browser, but preferable on mobile app. You can begin by typing on your browser or log in to the Spaces app if you have already downloaded it on your mobile device. You must have a Gmail account to be able to use Spaces.

The following steps will show you how to begin using Spaces app.

==> Upon opening the app, Google shows you Spaces logo. You will need to sign in using your gmail details.

==> You'll be shown all default spaces and with the option of creating yours. Click on OK.

==> Click on Create a space.

==> You will need to name your space so you should click on Untitled Space.

==> You can choose any name you want. As you can see in the screenshot, I am using Mazinoweb as the name for my first created space. You should click on SAVE after tying the name you chose.

==> Now you have created a space. The next step is to make your first post. Click on the Space icon as shown in the screenshot below.

==> You can post whatever you want - links, videos or photos. If you want to share videos or photos, click on the icons below as directed by the arrow. If you want to share links or search for what to post, use the search field up as directed by the arrow.

==> I decided to share a post link from my blog. I typed my URL on the 'Search or enter a link' box to search for a post. After that, click on ADD TO SPACE.

==> As you can see in the screenshot below, I have make my first post on my space.

==> You can decide to say something about the post or leave it. I added a text to say something about the post.

The essence of Google Spaces is to form a small conversational group or topic for individuals with common interest. You can share anything within your space. Yes, it your space so you are in total control. Remember to invite people who are relevant or share common interest with the space you created. The invite tab is just below the profile picture of the account user.


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