Things You Shouldn't Post On Social Media

Social media is one of the best online communication channels to get news, market products, promote brands, connect with customers and reach out to loved ones. Social media is all about networking. Social media has benefited brands, businesses, and individuals.

Some examples of popular social media are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and Reddit.

Social media is used by both young and old people. Despite its advantages, social media can have a negative effect on you. How so?

Today, many are carefree with the use of social media. Many people post just anything they like at any point in time without thinking about the implications. For example, a man once tweeted "No other job better than a blow job." To him, this may be a mere joke - catching the fun but that only tweet made him lose a lucrative job opportunity.

Some employers look beyond the CV you have submitted. They go through your social media pages (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or Blog). They want to actually know if you can represent their organization well beyond the four walls of the office.

The Lesson

Always be mindful of what you post on social networking sites. It may hunt and hurt you in years to come. Many ladies love taking pics and uploading on their social media pages and adding a caption. This is not bad but then, never upload sexually explicit photos of yourself.

Only celebrities who live wayward life can upload just anything about themselves on the internet without thinking about the implication because the pervasive world celebrates them. If you do, it can affect you badly sooner or later.

We all have freedom of speech but sometimes freedom of speech may not guarantee you freedom after speech. Criticism is allowed in every society but be cautioned. If you choose to criticize the government, be wise about it. You never can tell when you may seek a government job. You never can tell when you may need a grant from the government. Above all, you never can tell when what you posted becomes a crime.

Contact Information

For business we want customers to contact us. Adding your business contact details to your social media pages let people know your business is real, but never make that mistake of adding the address of your house.

Many people make that mistake of adding their house address to their Facebook profile. What this means is that if anyone chooses to harm you, it is very much possible. It a matter of tracing you with your house address.

It is also not ideal to add your work details. Even if you don't add the address, it is very much possible to find you when the need arises. For example, if you work for A and B Limited and you added it on your profile with no address, anyone can just use Google search or business directories to find the exact location of your workplace. I am not saying it is bad to add your work details but be discrete about it.

Material Possessions

If you are not a public figure, never show the world your material possessions. We live in a time where you can't really tell who is who. Wickedness abounds, men have advanced from bad to worst. Showy display of one means of life can be dangerous. Some have learned in a hard way. You don't need to experience a bad ordeal to know whether an experience is the best teacher.

Social media has changed our lives in so many ways, therefore us let use it wisely.

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