What Makes Google Spaces App Worth Using

Google Spaces is a social networking app for small group sharing. Spaces help you get a group together quickly to share things about any topic. Spaces is available for Android, iOS, desktop, and mobile web for Gmail accounts. Although Spaces do have photo-sharing feature of Pinterest, it does more than that.

Spaces allow individuals to do so much within the app. You can copy and paste links, find and share articles, browse and post videos and images, etc). Spaces is really easy to use and can be fun app too. You can create a group (Space) and invite your friends, family or business associates and share topics that are relevant to the interest of everyone in it. For example, WhatsApp let you create a group where members can interact by sharing links, videos, and photos along with conversations. If you want to share a link or an article to your WhatsApp group, you must leave the app to copy and then return to WhatsApp to paste.

With Google Spaces you don't need to exit the app to find links, articles, videos, and images. That's because Google has built in core services such as Google Search, Chrome, and YouTube. You can simply use the browser on Spaces (powered by Chrome) to find links or use the search field to lookout for information and post to your Space.

Many have wondered what is the future of Google+ after Spaces was launched. Others have argued that there was no point creating a separate app (Spaces), rather it should have been added as of part of Google+ features.

No one knows what Google really want to achieve with Spaces, nevertheless the app is fun to use and it is recommended for anyone who wants to stay in touch with a group of people having similar interests.


  1. Thanks for this article. I'll try to check the app...

  2. Alright. Google spaces is really cool.


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