Why You Need Facebook For Your Business

Facebook started just like any other social networking sites, but as of today, it is the biggest social media platform the world has ever had.

At present, Facebook has over a billion monthly active users. If Facebook was a country, it will become one of the most populous nations in the world.

What this means to business owners

Depending on your reasons for using Facebook, it is more than a social networking site for connecting with friends, family and loved ones. Facebook is a focal point for getting your business to millions of people around the world.

Whether you run an online or offline business, you need Facebook to tell people about your business. Promoting your business on Facebook can come from referrals or direct advertisement.

When you post on your timeline about your business, those on your friend list get to see the service or product you are selling. If they are interested in it, they may contact you. If they are not interested in your business, they may still refer someone to you who may be in need of what you are offering or selling. It either they tag you or share what you posted about your business.

Advertising is a core means for any business owner who wants to get potential customers which will eventually lead to return of investment. Currently, advertising on Facebook is the cheapest and more effective means of reaching so many people irrespective of their location, age or gender.

I must admit at this point, that Facebook adverts have enabled me to reach a lot of people in different countries. As an online publisher, I must reach people with my content. Search engine optimization cannot do it alone. Hence, I spend on advertising on Facebook.

It is not uncommon to see big business brands using Facebook to promote their offline business. Airline companies, universities, telecom operations, and others use Facebook to build and maintain their brand name.

Advertising on Facebook means you have to create a page. Creating a Facebook page is easy and it free. To maintain the page requires effort. You can run your page yourself or employ the services of a social media manager. You can hire me to run and maintain your Facebook page for you.
In subsequent posts, we'll look at how you can start advertising on Facebook to promote your business.

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