Choosing The Best Social Media Platform For Business

Undoubtedly, social media can give any business a strong online presence. Social media sites abound - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Reddit, Stumbleupon, YouTube, Flickr, Pinterest and others. Social media platforms are free to use, although many render services such as advertising which requires payment to reach more audience. For a business to thrive using social media mean the right platform is necessary.

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Which Is The Best Social Media Platform For Business?

The above question is what people ask when looking for the best social media platform for their business. It is necessary that you understand your business goals much before you decide which social media channels is best to nurture your business. Social media sites have their different interface and functionality. A business may have presence on different social networking sites but all of them can't have the same impact.

What To Consider?

There are certain things to consider in choosing which social media platform is ideal for your business.

Your Business

You will be surprise to hear it here that there is no specific best social media platform for business. The right platform depend on the business itself. What do I mean? Take for an example, you are into photography, which will be the best social media platform for promoting your business? Facebook is undeniable the biggest of all social networking sites but in this case, to get better reach for your photography business, Instagram will be ideal social media channel. Why Instsgram? This is because Instagram is more of photo sharing.

Your Audience

Your audience are your customer, so choosing the right social media platform will be dependent on that. You must be able to identify your audience - who they are and which social media channels can they be found more. After that you can choose the social media platform to pursue your business goals. If your business target certain age group, gender or set of people, you must identify the social media sites where they are very active. For example, a recruiting agency looking for professionals to hire will look into LinkedIn.


Considering the cost of running social media campaign can determine the best social media platform that caters for your business needs. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn offers advertising option. You can advertise your business with these social networking sites. Nevertheless, the cost of running ads on these social media sites differs. Facebook has the cheapest advertising options which enables you to also display your ads to Instagram community. With Facebook advertising, you can have greater reach. If you have a low budget set aside for social media marketing, Facebook will be the ideal social media platform.

Social Media is important to your business but all channels cannot give you the same result. Therefore, you should focus on the platform that will give you the best returns.

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