Let Talk Blogging And Social Media In Nigeria At 56

Social media is an integral aspect of information channel and online publishing. Today, social media is playing a pivotal role on what we believe, how we think and actions to take. Bloggers are part of those creating social media trends. Trust this, Nigeria bloggers occupy significant seat on social media in the country.

Are you a Nigerian Blogger? Do you blog in Nigeria? Are your blog visitors more from Nigeria? If yes, join the conversation on Twitter on October 1, 2016 with hash tag # BloggingInNigeriaAt56.

It's a free for all chat whether you are a blogger or an aspiring blogger. Give your suggestions, opinions, ask your questions. Every one is free to say it just like 'no holds Barred'. Remember it is blogging and social media in Nigeria.

This is an opportunity to interact with other fellow Nigeria bloggers and let the world blogging community know that Blogging in Nigeria boom.

Time: As soon as you are awake.

This is an initiative from Bloggers Helping Bloggers (BHB)

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