5 Simple Ways To Drive Sales on Facebook

Whether it's affiliate marketing, freelance services or your own product, Facebook is a great place to drive sales. The reason is simple, Facebook has over 1 billion users!

These are potential buyers of your product and all you need is to engage them. There are simple ways by which you can get more sales on Facebook. It is quite easier than you think.

1. Create a Professional Facebook Account

Create a standard Facebook account and add as many people as possible. But mind you, not just anybody! Be selective in adding people. Depending on what you're trying to market, add people that will be interested as this can help boost your conversion. Once your friends know you and get to trust you, expect a huge cash flow. They will recommend you, share your posts and buy from you.

If you're a blog designer, adding music followers will not benefit you in the long run because they will not be interested in online marketing or blog building.

2. Create a Facebook Page

There are many merits of a Facebook page over a Facebook account.

A. You can create ads

B. You can boost posts and select audience

C. You get to see insights

D. You can have more than 5000 likes

These reasons I put above are one of the few reasons why a page trumps a facebook account.

More so, it has a more professional appeal to it and many big brands have a Facebook page which is almost as engaging as their blog site. In fact, some even add call-to-action buttons and make sales directly from their facebook page. Furthermore, you can as well hire a professional like Mazino to help you build a good page.

With a page, you can add boost posts of your products or services and reach a very wide and targeted audience.

3. Utilize Facebook Groups

If you have a Technology Facebook group that has many users, you can easily post affiliate links, product reviews, or even sell your products. However, don't make the mistake of advertising an affiliate link of phones in a religious Facebook group as it will be seen as spamming.

The good thing about Facebook groups is that you can easily have over 1 million users and it's easy to manage and won't cost you a dime. In short, it's far more cost-effective.

4. Post on Timelines

One of the most underutilized marketing strategies is posting on people's timelines and paradoxically, it's also a widely abused method. No one loves to be spammed. However, there is a better way to go about it. Post timeline updates that will be of benefit to the bearer and his followers. This way, it won't be considered a spam or annoying.

With this method, you can reach a new audience, engage your audience properly and drive sales of many sorts.

5. Tags and Hashtags

Make no mistake, these two are not similar. Tags are used to mark a user and attach them to a post. If you tag another influential person in your niche, you get to have their audience attention. However, use this method in a careful way and resist the temptation of overdoing it.

As for Hashtags, you can use specific hashtags to create more awareness for your brands or product and if you're lucky enough, your post can go viral. Twitter users will understand the power of hashtags better.

If you are an online marketer/social media marketer, Facebook is a great way to make money simply by selling services or products.

And listed here are simple tips that are not utilized by many companies and business owners. 

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