Display Purposes - Web Tool That Generates Relevant Instagram Hashtags

Even with less Instagram followers, you can get your post to have more reach. Yes, you can do that with the use of hashtags. People often search Instagram by hashtags and with relevant or most sought after ones, this increase your visibility within the Instagram community.

The problem most Instagram users often have is how to choose the right hashtags for a post. Many write just any hashtags they feel relate to the photo or video including spammy ones. You can save yourself the much stress as there are web tools that can assist you to find related Instagram hashtags to have more reach.

Display purposes is one of such web tools for Instagram users to find related and relevant hashtags for their photos. Display purposes is free and very easy to use. All you need to do is to enter up to one or more hashtags relevant to your post and display purposes will show you a list of 30 similar hashtags that are often used on Instagram alongside the ones you entered. Very simple! You can now select the ones you need and the ones don't need.

Visit the display purposes and explore its other features. Do you know of any other reliable and free to use Instagram web tool hash tags generator?
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Image To Excel Converter - The Latest App from Cometdocs

If you had to convert one file format into another for free, you probably ran into Cometdocs.  For all those who aren’t, Cometdocs is a web tool that offers online document management free of charge.

Practically this means that it’s possible to accurately extract any information from PDF into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCAD and many others. Also, it allows you to create PDFs from almost any file format. These fine and precise conversions are the results of forceful OCR technology that Cometdocs prides of.

However, that’s not everything. Following the tendencies of up-to-date technology and listening to consumers’ needs, this company goes even further. Therefore Cometdocs expands services and provides additional options for document manipulation, such as online file storage and sharing. In other words, it’s possible to keep your documents in safe place and access them from anywhere. Likewise, if needed they can be shared either publicly or privately with your friends and coworkers.

Besides, Cometdocs has transferred its powerful conversion technology to mobile devices and developed various mobile apps given that many professionals nowadays get their work done on smartphones or tablets. One of the recent release is Image to Excel Converter, a unique app on the market.

This useful app converts with success photos of tables into editable Excel spreadsheets. That’s pretty helpful when you need to reuse old data from paper documents or when you need to make some changes on existing files, both electronic and hard copies.

Apart from this main functionality, Image to Excel Converter has other significant features:

*. First-rate conversion quality; rows and columns are recognized completely
*. Convert as many files as you need, regardless their size
*. Complex tables and screenshots can be converted too
*. Simply share converted documents or open them in another apps
*. Clear and intuitive user interface

Speaking of intuitive interface, there are only three easy steps to follow in order to convert your image of tabular document:

Step 1
Download Image to Excel Converter from the Google Play or App Store

Step 2
Select a photo you would like to convert or take a new one. There are couple of tricks to snap a perfect photo:

*. Lean a document on a flat and white surface
*. Adapt brightness, sharpness and contrast if needed
*. Crop the image to align document and photo borders

Step 3

Open the converted document in Excel app in order to edit it

A positive side is that conversions are performed on servers, so Image to Excel won’t drain your battery or resources. Once the conversion is complete, the file is downloaded back to the app and the document is deleted promptly from the servers.
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Goodbye To Twitterfeed, Hello To?

If you are a blogger you must be familiar with Twitterfeed. Twitterfeed will stop functioning on October 31st, 2016. In an email sent to all Twitterfeeders, the company stated they will be shutting its doors this month. Below is the content of the email.

Howdy, Twitterfeeders!

We're writing to let you know that Twitterfeed will be shutting its doors on October 31st, 2016. It's been one heck of a run and we can't thank you enough for your loyal usage and support over the years.

If you're looking for a service similar to Twitterfeed to continue using in our absence, we recommend checking out the good folks at Buffer (https://buffer.com) or Dlvr.it (https://dlvr.it)

Thanks again for all the feeds!

Basically, I use Twitterfeed for auto-posting to all my Facebook pages. Since they are shutting down, it time to try another similar service. Which will you switch to?
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How To Use WhatsApp To Make Money

Brian Acton and Jan Koum were the two brains behind WhatsApp existence. WhatsApp is a cross-platform instant messaging app that enables users to exchange text, image, video and audio messages for free using a supported mobile device.

Today, WhatsApp is the most used messaging app despite competition from others such as Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and Allo, developed recently by Google.

For those who are business inclined, WhatsApp can be a channel for you to expand your horizon. You can use WhatsApp in a way that can help you generate a substantial amount of cash. How true is it?

Practical Ways of Monetizing WhatsApp

WhatsApp monetization in this context doesn't mean displaying ads or whatsoever similar to it. It simply means ways you can use WhatsApp beyond the normal chat stuff and use it to earn.

You Can Use WhatsApp to Organize Training or Seminars

This year a few months back, I and a fellow blogger organized an online training on Mastering the act of blogging and blog monetization. This training took place in a WhatsApp group. It wasn't a free training, people who were interested in it paid for it.

Now ask yourself, how can you also do the same? If you are into information marketing and the sales of ebooks or videos seemed not to be profitable as before, then you should you try WhatsApp by creating a group. You can do virtually any training on WhatsApp. What you need is a reliable internet connection, your smartphone or PC and you are good to go.

The benefits of doing training or seminars on WhatsApp is that anyone no matter the location can be a participant. There is no cost of transportation or the cost of renting a venue. Participants can go back any time to read the information as long the group is not deleted.

You Can Use WhatsApp To Send News Stories And Get Paid

There are some news websites that want the public to send them authentic eyewitness news which will include the photos/video and they will pay you an amount if the story is published. Make use of such opportunities.

You Can Use WhatsApp For Marketing

Whether it is content marketing or product marketing, WhatsApp can be a good medium to reach more people. Create a broadcast list and then send your information. Do not send offensive content, else, you will be blocked permanently by the recipient.

Do you have any other method(s) you can use WhatsApp to make money? if yes, please do share by leaving a comment.
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Ways To Get More Instagram Real Followers

Every business needs social media presence and taking your business to Instagram can give you tremendous results. Instagram community is growing daily as more people are joining the social networking site. There are so many Instagram users with a lot of followers and while others have fewer followers.

Women tend to have more followers on Instagram, probably maybe they love taking photos and Instagram is more of photo sharing. Well, I've never really taken Instagram serious until of recent. I used to wonder how do people get many followers, so I decided to experiment. I created an anonymous Instagram account. Now I see how people increase their Instagram followers.

How To Get More Instagram Real Followers

*. Be active.
*. Share interesting photos and videos.
*. Use relevant hashtags on your photos and videos.
*. Tag relevant Instagram users to your posts.
*. Advertise on Instagram.
*. Create posts that prompt others to be tagged.
*. Like others' photos and videos.
*. Comment on relevant posts made by other Instagram users.
*. Do giveaways.
*. Instagram account used for keeping up with friends should be different from the one for business.

These are natural ways to get real Instagram followers. Some people buy followers, but of what use is it to your business if your followers don't match your business goals? In time they will unfollow you. Therefore, attract only Instagram followers who are interested in your business.
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Global Life-Track Resources Centre: Blazing The Trail For Independent Entrepreneurship

Global Life-Track Resources Centre is a centre where business owners and young aspiring entrepreneurs are not just coached, mentored and financially supported but also great business ideas are birthed and given room to flourish under the watchful eyes of the visioner Ala Atubokiki Ibanibo and his team.
Ala Atubokiki Ibanibo

In the words of Dr. Ala A. Ibanibo: “Global Life Track Resources Centre is an intervention program and has helped several men and women who had lost hope to come back to their feet. This is only achievable because I have been through the same experiences like them and nurtured myself up without giving up. So I do not give what I don’t have but I share what I have been through and also know how it works.” True to those words, many lives have been transformed and given a meaning, yet the realization of the vision is only gaining momentum while putting smiles on faces of young prospective entrepreneurs.

The mission statement on the marble of Ala A. Ibanibo ‘‘is to help people by letting them know that it is only ‘you’ who can stop yourself. I achieve this by listening, teaching and giving them soft loans to boost and start-up business and nurture them to growth. But above all I believe in the Supremacy of the Most High God because all good things comes from HIM.’’

It is interesting to note that over the past few years over 150 businesses have benefited from the zero interest almost zero collateral loan scheme of this program and thousands keep learning the art of leadership and business management as well as how to maintain and sustain success.

According to Ala A. Ibanibo ‘’Life is filled with several experiences and going up the ladder doesn’t necessarily mean that you are successful but the sustenance. I have learned several things from the mistakes in my life and putting all these together has equipped me for a higher calling to help young men and women avoid most of these mistakes.’’

Ala A. Ibanibo is passionate in helping people gain the confidence and growth in business by avoiding mistakes which he made at his early stages of entrepreneurial growth; this inspired the setting up of Global Life-Track Resources Centre and today it has grown to be succour to the common man.

Please visit www.globalltrcentre.org for more information on Global Life-Track Resources Centre, how to be a part of this vision and our events.
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How To Make Money On Social Media

Whether you are an internet savvy or not, you must have a social media account if you want to connect with people online. Many people spend a countless number of hours on social media achieving nothing. While others make good use of social media.

Today, social media is paying the bills of so many people. Yes, social media is transforming the lives of so many users. People are making a living from social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and others, are among the social media platforms people use for making money. So many ladies come to social media to upload photos seeking for likes and comments.

The male folks will like and praise them but after that, what has been achieved? You have a Facebook account of 5,000 friends, you have an Instagram page of over 10,000 followers, Twitter followers of over 11,000 and yet, you are using them to promote nudity and propaganda. Later, you blame the government or some village people for your problems. There are profitable ways to use social media.

Ways To Make Money On Social Media

There are known and unknown ways to make money with social media. For someone to be able to have so many real followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc, shows he knows to an extent how these social media platform works.

Know this, that these days, many companies are willing to hire people to help them manage their social media accounts. You can work from your home, office or any place convenient for you and earn handsomely. So, if you are proficient with the use of social media, you should look for social media jobs and become a social media manager. Why waste your precious time posting trash on social media?

If you do not want to work for others, you can sell your products and services on social media. You can organize webinars and training on social media. For instance, you can create a Facebook group and make it a secret one. You will only add people who pay for the information you wish to sell, and you will disclose the information only in the group.

Blogging is part of social media, and bloggers are creating content. You can use social media for content marketing. The remarkable aspect of social media is, you can reach millions of people around the world. You can also use social media to promote your affiliate links, make sales and earn commissions.

If you recently launched a product and want a fast-moving market for it or you want to create an awareness for the new product, social media is the right channel. Using social media platforms that support visuals will be best for a product launch. Instagram is ideal but Facebook has more users. You can also use Snapchat or YouTube.

If you have active social media pages with massive followers and you don't know how to monetize them, then you should try this - rent them out or sell adverts. Renting a social media page out implies that you grant someone access to your page to post. For instance, you have a Facebook page or group with over 500k followers or members, you can rent it out by allowing the person to post on it. To sell adverts, you can post whatever the advertiser wants to promote.

In fact, there are so many ways to make money with social media. I've been benefitting from it, you can likewise do the same. Think outside the box!

Are you currently earning a living with social media?, If yes kindly share your experience with us by leaving a comment.
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