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If you had to convert one file format into another for free, you probably ran into Cometdocs.  For all those who aren’t, Cometdocs is a web tool that offers online document management free of charge.

Practically this means that it’s possible to accurately extract any information from PDF into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCAD and many others. Also, it allows you to create PDFs from almost any file format. These fine and precise conversions are the results of forceful OCR technology that Cometdocs prides of.

However, that’s not everything. Following the tendencies of up-to-date technology and listening to consumers’ needs, this company goes even further. Therefore Cometdocs expands services and provides additional options for document manipulation, such as online file storage and sharing. In other words, it’s possible to keep your documents in safe place and access them from anywhere. Likewise, if needed they can be shared either publicly or privately with your friends and coworkers.

Besides, Cometdocs has transferred its powerful conversion technology to mobile devices and developed various mobile apps given that many professionals nowadays get their work done on smartphones or tablets. One of the recent release is Image to Excel Converter, a unique app on the market.

This useful app converts with success photos of tables into editable Excel spreadsheets. That’s pretty helpful when you need to reuse old data from paper documents or when you need to make some changes on existing files, both electronic and hard copies.

Apart from this main functionality, Image to Excel Converter has other significant features:

*. First-rate conversion quality; rows and columns are recognized completely
*. Convert as many files as you need, regardless their size
*. Complex tables and screenshots can be converted too
*. Simply share converted documents or open them in another apps
*. Clear and intuitive user interface

Speaking of intuitive interface, there are only three easy steps to follow in order to convert your image of tabular document:

Step 1
Download Image to Excel Converter from the Google Play or App Store

Step 2
Select a photo you would like to convert or take a new one. There are couple of tricks to snap a perfect photo:

*. Lean a document on a flat and white surface
*. Adapt brightness, sharpness and contrast if needed
*. Crop the image to align document and photo borders

Step 3

Open the converted document in Excel app in order to edit it

A positive side is that conversions are performed on servers, so Image to Excel won’t drain your battery or resources. Once the conversion is complete, the file is downloaded back to the app and the document is deleted promptly from the servers.

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