Register A Domain And Win In The Domainking N250,000 Contest

Hello well wishers, I trust you all are doing so well. The purpose of this post is to let you know about the DomainKing Contest. Domainking is giving out upto N250,000 to 13 lucky winners.

How To Win

1. Buy/Renew Any Service

You can register a Domain Name, buy a hosting plan, SSL and you can even renew your existing services with DomainKing.NG.

2. Like DomainKing Facebook Page,  follow DomainKing on Twitter and Google.

3. Share And Tweet this offer maximum times with #DomainKingNGRocks in your posts.

4. Mention DomainKing Rocks contest on your Blog post, Facebook post & Twitter post. Eg: "I got my domain _____________ from DomainKing.NG. #DomainKingNGRocks I am participating in DomainKing.NG Rocks Contest to Win N2,50,000. Wish Me Well! Even you can WIN. Enter here:"

I have entered for this contest, and if you are my friend on Facebook, like all my DomainKing posts to make me be among the winners. For those who already liked my posts, I am really grateful.

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How I Earned $20,000 Online In A Month Doing Nothing

Forbes! Earned $20,000 online in a month doing nothing? I'm convinced that someone wants to earn such amount of money online with little or no effort.

The title of this post 'how I earned $20,000 online in a month doing nothing' is similar to titles you see online when people want to sell make money information or want people to join to a business or a scheme. Well, some are genuine while others are proven to be a scam or questionable ventures. This is not the avenue to start mentioning such businesses or schemes.

If you are still eager to learn how I earned $20,000 online in a month doing nothing, then read further.

Money is good, money pays the bills but the extreme love of money is a big snare. So many people want to make money at all cost just to live a life of luxury. Sadly, many people don't bother how they tend to make money as long they don't shed blood. You often hear the saying "Did I kill a person?" They believe in the 'make money and enjoy your life while you are alive and die later. But is that all there is to life? There are dire consequences of desperation to make money by all means.

The Outcome Of Trying To Make Money At All Cost

Destroys Good Relationship With The Almighty

Many will say money is evil. That is not true. What is evil is the love of money, the desire to get it at all cost. Anyone desperate to be rich can never remain innocent. That is exactly what the Holy Book says. If you are a true believer, you wouldn't doubt that.

So true are those words today! Many people have soiled their hands and destroyed their good reputation all for the sake of wanting to make money by all means. They engaged in dishonest and sharp practices. They cheat their employers and clients without any troubled conscience. No remorseful attitude and no desire to turn away from dishonesty. If you truly value your relationship with the Almighty, you must be wary of ways you handle money matters.


Best friends are turning to strangers or enemies. Why so? All for the extreme desire to make money at all cost. Some people cherish money so much that they are ready to break ties with their close friends. They don't mind to backstab their friends as long as they become rich.


So many cases of disloyalty among the religious group, family members, and business partners all in the name of trying to make money by all means. Too bad today that this generation breeds ladies who will quit their marriages if their husbands experience financial difficulties. People abandon their good friends just because they have found someone new who makes more money.

I'm 100% sure that many people reading this post are doing so because of the title. And if I show them prove of $20,000 earning, many will be sending me messages on WhatsApp and BBM. My Facebook inbox will be filled messages as "Boss show me the way", "How did you do it?" My phone will be ringing. People who don't talk to me will begin to claim friendship or relationship that never existed. The ones that have stopped talking to me will come back acting like they have been the busiest humans on planet earth.

Victim of Scam

Anyone can be scammed but 90% of people who fall for scams are greedy people. They want the quick and easy route to make money and as such fraudsters take advantage of them. As people's extreme love of money increases, the easier it is to scam and succeed. The title of this post alone could make many become victim of a scam if I have wanted to defraud them.

Are you disappointed that there is no way I earned $20,000 online monthly doing nothing? lol.

Anyway please know that experience is never a good teacher. Do not fall for a scam before you identify legitimate business and fraudulent ones. Never destroy your conscience because of money. Do not lose a good relationship with the Almighty because of money. Never betray or abandon your friends or family because of money. May the Almighty continue to bless our labor.
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Understanding The Cc And Bcc Field When Sending Out Emails

Since the advent of social media, many internet users have prefer sending very important messages via social networking sites. But for those who understand communication etiquettes, email still remain an wholesome way of conveying important information.

When sending emails whether for business dealings or personal endeavors, there is the Cc and Bcc fields and the option to use or ignore it depending on how many recipients is on the list.

What Cc Stands For And What It Does

Cc means carbon copy. When you add more than one email address to the Cc field, all the recipients will know that you send the email to different persons. There is no secret in it. For example, if I send an email by adding both faniran@gmail.com and orosun@gmail.com to the Cc field, Faniran will know I sent the email to Orosun and Orosun will also know I sent the same email to Faniran.

What Bcc Stands For And What It Does

Bcc means blind carbon copy. When you add two or more emails in Bcc field, none of the recipients will know that you sent the same email to others. It is secretive. For example, if I send an email to both faniran@gmail.com and orosun@gmail.com, Faniran won't know I sent the same email to Orosun and Orosun won't know either too that I sent the email to Faniran.

If you send an email by adding Faniran@gmail.com to the Cc field and Orosun@gmail.com is added to the Bcc field, Orosun will know that I sent the email too to Faniran@gmail.com but Faniran won't know I sent the email to Orosun.

Revealing other people's email addresses when sending emails to multiple recipients isn't ideal, therefore understanding how the Cc and Bcc work is very important.
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WhatsApp Video Call Launched And Available To All Users

After being tested on a beta level, finally, video call on WhatsApp is now available to everyone no matter your country. This new feature has made WhatsApp all-in-one instant messaging app been ahead of every other chat apps with the highest number of users around the world.

I've waited for this rollout knowing that I won't need so many apps at the same time for communication. This is another big competition for Google Duo which was developed for video calling as WhatsApp now has both voice and video call in one app.

Video call release was officially announced on WhatsApp blog saying:

"Our goal at WhatsApp has always been to help as many people as possible stay in touch with friends, family, and others they care about. That means making a product that’s simple, easy to use, and accessible no matter where you are. We started with messaging and Group Chat. Then we added voice calling. And we did it in a way that works across thousands of device and platform combinations all over the world.

Today we’re excited to announce the next step in our efforts to connect people – WhatsApp video calling. In the coming days, WhatsApp's more than one billion users can make video calls across Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone devices.

We’re introducing this feature because we know that sometimes voice and text just aren’t enough. There’s no substitute for watching your grandchild take her first steps, or seeing your daughter’s face whiles he’s studying abroad. And we want to make these features available to everyone, not just those who can afford the most expensive new phones or live in countries with the best cellular networks.

Over the years we’ve received many requests from our users for video calling, and we’re excited to finally offer this feature to the world. Thank you for using WhatsApp and we promise to keep working hard every day to improve the service."

Have you started using WhatsApp video call? If yes, what's your take on it?
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Social Media And Women Today, The Unproductive Aspect

This post is not misogynistic, it's a factual trend. Social media is the current buzz and many people; males, females, young and old are spending a countless number of hours on it. Social networking sites can be advantageous to it user if harnessed properly. Unfortunately, social media has made many female folks become unproductive.

Today, so many of them are on social media for these following reasons.

To Look For Admirers or Entice a Guy

It is a natural phenomenon that men will admire women and as such when some ladies discover that their photos or posts on social media get more comments and likes from the male folks, it gets into their heads. Then they start uploading more and even explicit photos of themselves. No wonder ladies who are not celebs, with more provocative and suggestive photos on Instagram have more followers.

To Search For The Latest Fashion Accessories

Women love to look good fashion-wise, they want to know what's trending; the latest shoes, dress, handbag, wig, and the list continues. Well, this isn't bad but when a woman starts to fantasize having them when she can't afford all those fashionable kinds of stuff, she becomes unproductive.

Searching For Life Partner

This may sound weird but in reality, it's a profound truth. Some girls search for handsome and rich guys on social media and follow them, hoping that they get noticed and the guy strikes a conversation which may eventually lead to a relationship. I wish success to any lady searching for a life partner on social media. keep searching! It has turned out good for some and disastrous for others.

There are still other ways some ladies use social media that affects their mental deposition. They see the flamboyant lifestyle of celebrities and they imagine been in the same position. Thus, they struggle to live a life of imitation.

Social media has also increased the spirit of unhealthy competition in the females. For instance, when some single ladies see pre-wedding and exotic wedding photos, they make it an aim that theirs must be same or better. Even the married women have been affected, for instance, when a woman upload the photos of a new car her husband bought for her, another woman somewhere wishes her husband does the same. To her, the lady with the brand new car has the ideal husband. When a man takes his wife abroad on a romantic trip and the photos are on social media, another woman thinks her loving husband isn't doing better.

Single ladies who see the social life of other women how they are treated by their husbands begin to wish their future man does the same. Hence, any man that cannot give them a life of luxury is not a husband material.

Social media life is totally from real life. Many people who upload happy moments on social media aren't really happy. Nevertheless, there are still so many ladies who use social media productively and are creating wealth from it. They are entrepreneurs, bloggers, influencers and business women.

Photo credit: Benzinga.com
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Know The Twitter Accounts Of Popular Nigeria Banks

Nigeria banks have all gone social, they are utilizing social media to reach customers on the latest banking product(s) and services. Social media inclined customers are using social networking sites such as Twitter to make inquiries, lay complaints or give suggestions to their respective banks.

I've made inquiries so many times on twitter. I simply search for the bank's official handles and tweet at them. In a short while, I always receive feedback as DMs or Mentions. It saves me time than going to the bank or waiting on hold when you call customer care.

In this post, you will able to know the verified and official Twitter handles of popular Nigeria banks. Some of the banks have more than one twitter accounts and not all are meant for inquiries.

In no particular order, here is the list of popular Nigeria banks with their Twitter accounts.

First Bank of Nigeria = @FirstBankngr (verified)

Skye Bank Nigeria PLC = @SkyeBankNigeria (verified)

Zenith Bank = @ZenthBank (verified)

Guaranty Trust Bank = @gtbank (verified)

Keystone Bank = @Keystonebankng

United Bank of Africa = @UBAGroup (verified)

Diamond Bank = @DiamondBankNG (verified)

Sterling Bank = @Sterling_Bankng (verified)

First City Monument Bank = @MyFCMB (verified)

Wema Bank = @WemaBank (verified)

Unity Bank PLC = @UnityBankPlc (verified)

Stanbic IBTC = @StanbicIBTC (verified)

Fedelity Bank PLC = @fidelitybankplc (verified)

Heritage Bank Limited = @Heritagebankltd (verified)

Access Bank PLC = @myaccessbank

Union Bank of Nigeria = @UNIONBANK_NG (verified)

Ecobank Bank = @nigeria_ecobank

Jaiz Bank PLC = @JaizBankNG

I know there are microfinance banks in Nigeria but at present, many of them are not on social media. If you know of any with their Twitter handle, please share by using the comment box. Thanks
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Nigeria Banks Whose Naira Debit Cards Are Still Enabled For Online Foreign Transactions

The recession in Nigeria is affecting every work of life and have clamp hard on the banking sector. The scarcity of dollar and the high exchange rate has resulted in most commercial banks suspending online, POS and ATM transactions outside Nigeria with Naira denominated cards (MasterCard or Visa).

What this means is that you can't use your Naira debit cards to make online transactions on platforms based outside Nigeria. And also, you cannot use your Naira debit cards to withdraw money from ATM abroad.

Due to this recent market development, most bloggers and internet marketers can't pay for Facebook ads and other services rendered by foreign websites. The only alternative is to request for a foreign currency (FCY) denominated debit card which will be linked to your domiciliary account. That means you have to open a domiciliary account if you don't have one.

If opening a domiciliary account is not possible for you at the moment, you can still go with some few banks that allow you to pay for services online with their Naira debit cards.

In order to know which Nigeria banks currently permit foreign transactions with their Naira debit cards, I contacted the banks. After getting their feedback, I came to know that Access Bank and Guaranty Trust Bank are the ones whose Naira debit cards are still enabled for online international transactions.

I should also remind everyone using online transactions to use a VPN to encrypt their online activity for financial security.

Not everyone is a blogger or internet marketer that earns in foreign currency. Thus, sourcing for dollar will be hard for you if you have a domiciliary account. No one knows the future, so we can't say how long these banks will continue with online foreign transactions with their Naira debit cards but as for now, you may choose to use them all.
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