Social Media And Women Today, The Unproductive Aspect

This post is not misogynistic, it's a factual trend. Social media is the current buzz and many people; males, females, young and old are spending a countless number of hours on it. Social networking sites can be advantageous to it user if harnessed properly. Unfortunately, social media has made many female folks become unproductive.

Today, so many of them are on social media for these following reasons.

To Look For Admirers or Entice a Guy

It is a natural phenomenon that men will admire women and as such when some ladies discover that their photos or posts on social media get more comments and likes from the male folks, it gets into their heads. Then they start uploading more and even explicit photos of themselves. No wonder ladies who are not celebs, with more provocative and suggestive photos on Instagram have more followers.

To Search For The Latest Fashion Accessories

Women love to look good fashion-wise, they want to know what's trending; the latest shoes, dress, handbag, wig, and the list continues. Well, this isn't bad but when a woman starts to fantasize having them when she can't afford all those fashionable kinds of stuff, she becomes unproductive.

Searching For Life Partner

This may sound weird but in reality, it's a profound truth. Some girls search for handsome and rich guys on social media and follow them, hoping that they get noticed and the guy strikes a conversation which may eventually lead to a relationship. I wish success to any lady searching for a life partner on social media. keep searching! It has turned out good for some and disastrous for others.

There are still other ways some ladies use social media that affects their mental deposition. They see the flamboyant lifestyle of celebrities and they imagine been in the same position. Thus, they struggle to live a life of imitation.

Social media has also increased the spirit of unhealthy competition in the females. For instance, when some single ladies see pre-wedding and exotic wedding photos, they make it an aim that theirs must be same or better. Even the married women have been affected, for instance, when a woman upload the photos of a new car her husband bought for her, another woman somewhere wishes her husband does the same. To her, the lady with the brand new car has the ideal husband. When a man takes his wife abroad on a romantic trip and the photos are on social media, another woman thinks her loving husband isn't doing better.

Single ladies who see the social life of other women how they are treated by their husbands begin to wish their future man does the same. Hence, any man that cannot give them a life of luxury is not a husband material.

Social media life is totally from real life. Many people who upload happy moments on social media aren't really happy. Nevertheless, there are still so many ladies who use social media productively and are creating wealth from it. They are entrepreneurs, bloggers, influencers and business women.

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