Heritage Bank Touches Aspects Of Life

Heritage bank is a young bank but what the bank has achieved in the shortest time is highly commendable. Many are of the notion that a bank’s fundamental purpose is to keep depositors’ monies.

Truly, depositors monies are safe with Heritage bank but is keeping such funds all there is?

There is more worth knowing about Heritage bank. First of all, the bank acts like a life-saver. It saved Societe Generale bank and Enterprise bank. This means that all customers of the respective banks had their funds saved. That is why big guns like Dangote and Rano Oil are customers of Heritage bank.

Heritage bank supports SMEs. The bank has a youth scheme of about 1500 customers on the NYSC scheme. On the National Youth Council Joint Programmer, Heritage bank has over 50,000 customers currently.

Heritage bank has a school feeding programme in Kaduna state. The bank also has a farming youth programme in Rivers State that caters for close to 50,000 youths.

Heritage bank has a network of supermarkets, City Supermarkets, which just came up and which is being put together from the scratch.
The bank nurtured these from the corner shops and today they are established in about five places.

The NEXT Titan is an initiative by Heritage bank to raise excellent future entrepreneurs. YIEDP stands for Youth Innovative Entrepreneurship Development Programme. The Programme is aimed at harnessing the latent entrepreneurial spirit among the teeming youths by providing timely and affordable loans to implement their business ideas. And once again, Heritage bank is proudly involved in YIEDP.

How many banks actually accomplished more than this at their first few years of establishment? With Heritage Bank, you can boldly say "I am proud of my Heritage."
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How VPN Can Help Your Small Business

VPNs have been used for business for a long time before the Internet became as popular as it is today. In fact, the reason why VPNs even exist is that co-workers needed a way to share files between remote computers privately over a wide area network. Since then, VPNs have considerably evolved and they’re now used for a variety of purposes, such as enhanced security and bypassing geo-blockades.

How Does a VPN Work?

VPN stands for virtual private network, and essentially that’s exactly what it is: A private network of computers shared over a WAN such as the Internet. Modern VPNs work by connecting your PC to a proxy server, where it’s sent through a secure tunneling protocol such as OpenVPN or L2TP, given a new IP address and encrypted, before accessing an outside server on the web.

Since the connection is encrypted, it makes it much harder for a third party to eavesdrop on your Internet traffic and get their hands on any of your data. Also, since you receive a new IP address, you can make it seem as if you’re browsing the Internet from anywhere in the world (as long as there’s a proxy server to connect to in said part of the world), which has a myriad of uses all on its own. Besides that, there are a lot of other benefits that your small business can gain from using a VPN, and here are just a few of them.

DDoS Protection

DDoS is short for distributed denial of service, and put simply, what a DDoS attack basically does is use a large number of computers to assault a website with simultaneous requests, until the website can’t take anymore and shuts down.

These kinds of attacks happen every day if you’re not careful enough, and they can happen to you if you don’t have the right kind of protection. The good news is that most good VPN providers offer some kind of protection from DDoS attacks on their servers, and since your connection is hidden “behind” the VPN if the attack can’t get through their servers then it can’t reach your website either.

Increased Security

We mentioned that a VPN makes your connection more secure, and it does so by doing something to the data that you transmit via the Internet. What it does is it splits all your outgoing and incoming data into smaller pieces referred to as packets that carry small bits of information over a protocol such as HTTP or BitTorrent.

But that’s not all. For additional security, most VPNs will place these data packets inside other data packets, in a process called encapsulation. The outer layer provides you with additional encryption, so the packets can essentially be read only by the client (you, in this case) and the VPN server. 

Additionally, before you can even connect to a VPN, the client computer and the remote access server you’re connecting are required to have a certain dedicated software installed, in order to create a functioning connection. This is the first layer of security that any VPN will depend on, and unlike a normal Internet connection, a VPN server will require you to input your credentials and authenticate yourself as a legitimate user of the connection.

Sharing Files Safely

Having a VPN for your small business means that whatever files you share with each other are off-limits to the rest of the Internet since they never leave your private network. It’s a great way to ensure there are no nasty data leaks and that no one is monitoring anything you transmit online, just as if you’d use an offline, local area connection to share files. You can even safely use P2P connections behind a VPN, which is one of the most efficient ways to share information these days.

Wireless Networks

Finally, we’re going to say a couple of things about public Wi-Fi, the risks involved with using it, and how a VPN can help you out in that department. Since public networks have a large number of devices connected to them at the same time, that means that you’re essentially in a LAN with everyone that’s on the same public network that you’re using at the given moment.

This gives hackers a much shorter route to your laptop or handheld device and any potential sensitive, business-related information you might be sharing over your connection. Internet banking inquiries, online purchases and anything of the sort is highly risky to do over a public network, so if you have to do them it’s highly recommended that you use a VPN to encrypt your connection from end to end, and decrease the chances that your financial information will fall into the wrong hands.


As you can see, there are plenty of ways in which a VPN can help you out if you happen to be running a small business. A paid VPN will generally work better than a free one, but it’s up to you to choose which one you’ll go for. There are a lot of good articles out there that analyze VPNs and inform you about their pros and cons, so we’re pretty certain that you’ll be able to find one that suits your needs. 

This post was written by Michael Conley for Mazinoweb. Michael Conley is a digital security specialist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and has been writing for 9to5alternatives.com since 2013. Besides computer programming, his passions in life are winemaking, old movies and playing the saxophone.
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How I Won Domainking Contest 2016 Grand Prize

First for those who don't really know what Domainking is; DomainKing is a global domain registrar accredited with African and Asian domain registries. Domainking offer domain names, web hosting, Wordpress hosting, SSL and websites.

Back to the contest, Domainking contest for 2016 has a total cash prize of N250,000. I won the grand prize of N100,000. Although N100,000 is not big compare to a million naira, I'm still grateful to everyone who truly wanted me to win and did their best for me to win.

Mazino Oyolo-Kigho Win Domainking Contest

The money won is not what really matters most to me but what is, I've been able to know who really my real friends are, and those who are not. I am also grateful to Domainking.ng for the love they keep showing to Nigerian bloggers and webmasters.

For those who knew I was in a contest and didn't care, I still wish you all the best in life. Always stand by those who stand by you. #DomainkingNGRocks
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The Remarkable Truth About Heritage Bank You May Never Know

There is always a story for every establishment. The creation of the earth has a story and has been told countless number of times in religious institutions. Financial establishments also have stories of their origin and having to know such will be very important in helping one make wise financial decisions.

In late 1980s, a financial institution came into existence known as Societe Generale Bank, Nigeria (SGBN). On January 2006, SGBN operational license was revoked during the re-capitalisation policy in the banking sector by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) then under the chairmanship of Chukwuma Soludo.

If a man should die, can he live again? That was a question asked by Job in the Bible. In a sense Societe Generale Bank, Nigeria became a dead bank.

Heritage bank

The Resurrection Of A New Bank

Some religions believe in the resurrection hope (Acts 24:15) and investors too believe in resilience. Sometime in the immediate past, a group of young men and investors, came together and approached the owners of Societe Generale Bank (SGBN).  After a meeting between SGBN, the new investors and the CBN, a new bank came into existence. This was the re-birth of the erstwhile Societe Generale Bank transformed to an innovative commercial bank with regional authorization called Heritage Bank.

Emerging from the ashes of Societe Generale Bank of Nigeria, these group of professionals led by Mr. Ifie Sekibo, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Heritage Bank with proven track record in turn-around management, embarked on yet another remarkable mission. In October 2014,  Heritage Bank acquired Enterprise bank which was on the verge of death to become a national bank.

Heritage Bank has an historic importance and banking culture. Although, still very young, Heritage Bank is among Nigeria leading banks with an excellent service culture hinged on working with each customer to create a name and heritage for today and for future generations.

What No Bank Has Ever Done Before

After the suspension of the Societe Generale Bank of Nigeria license in 2006, depositors lost their money and all hope was dim that they would never get their funds back. This has always been the case in most banks in the world when they close down.

For me this is a big commendation - Heritage Bank was able to make customers get back their monies years after. Depositors who indicated their interest to convert their deposits to shares were allowed to do so.

Enterprise bank in 2014 had about 160 branches; Heritage Bank had just 11 branches but yet the smaller entity (Heritage Bank) kept alive a bigger organisation (Enterprise bank). Has any bank in the world ever done this remarkable turn-around?

Heritage Bank is a healthy bank and is growing stronger daily. The bank supports SMEs and entrepreneurs. City Supermarket will one day become bigger just like or be like Shoprite because it is a project funded by Heritage Bank. Heritage Bank is also committed to women empowerment as it recently got an award from Oyo State for commitment towards women empowerment and has won many awards.

Oyo State gives an to awards Heritage bank

The Central Bank of Nigeria has reiterated that Heritage Bank is not in distressed, all depositors funds are safe and the bank remains resilient enough to withstand the current economic storm.

Heritage bank is not in distressed
Don't you agree this is one bank with a true heritage?
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Why You Should Have An Online Business

Everyone cannot be an employer, neither can everyone become an employee. As economic conditions in the world become more unpredictable, the pressure to maintain a good standard of living upsurge.

As more businesses fold-up, you wouldn't want to be caught unaware as many companies result to retrenchment. In the wake of any uncertainty, it is of vital importance that one should look into other areas of income.

Starting a business is good, and an online business will be freedom. There are good reasons to have an online business now.

*. An online business is convenient more than onsite business. Capital is usually less.

*. You may not need to hire an office space for your online business for a start. You can simply work from the comfort of your living room.

*. If you run your online business from your home, it saves you the cost of transportation.

*. It is not necessary to meet your client physically, all business transactions can be carry out online.

*. An online business allows you to work at your own pace without pressure to meet deadlines.

*. During vacation, your business won't suffer, this is because with your internet enabled device you can monitor how your business is thriving.

*. Running an online business can enable you to engage in other activities more than one who is employed by an organization to perform specific tasks at specified time.

*. For most online businesses you decide your salary by yourself.

Photo credit: johnchow.com
Now that some the advantages of having an online business have been highlighted, the question is; what are the online businesses one can start?

Many people have the skills but do not really know how they can use it for monetization. For example, a good writer may not be aware there are ways he or she can get paid from writing. Here is an article that discusses on 18 online business ideas. These online business ideas are really practical and will fetch you money at no time.
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Decision To Choose Between Debit Card Or Credit Card

Cashless policy is what the nation's apex bank advocate. In this modern era of technological advancement, payment for goods and services comes so easier with the use of electronic payment system.

Shoppers may not need to be present physically to buy items, which indicates that payment can be made online. Usually, payment is done by the use of a card - debit card or credit card. There are still situations one can be in a shop and yet decide not to pay with physical cash. With POS, payment can be made through the use of debit card or credit card. As a spender, which of the cards - Debit Cards or Credit cards best suit your financial goals?

Debit Card

Debit card is a prepaid card that is directly linked to your bank account which you can use to pay for goods online or in shops and also withdraw money from ATM. A debit card allow you to spend only the amount of money you have in your bank account. When you pay for goods, your bank immediately deduct the amount spent. This is more reason why you should always fund your bank account linked to your debit card before making payment online or POS.

Credit Cards

Credit card allow you to pay for goods or services but not linked to a personal bank account but rather to a bank or the financial institution that issued the card. When you use a credit card, the issuer pays the merchant and you go into debt to the card issuer. You are expected to pay back within 30 days or spread it over and incur interest.

Due to security concerns, many have try to inquire of the best credit cards available. Here is an article that highlight the best credit cards of 2016 that will help you make informed decision about your use of credit cards.

Note that the logo of a major credit card company, such as Visa or MasterCard is also on Debit cards. Hence, the logo doesn't make them the same.
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My Experience With Domainking.Ng

Being a blogger you must have a blog. And as a serious blogger, you must use a custom domain. People might not actually take you serious when using a sub-domain eg blogspot [dot]com.

In buying domains, I have personally tested different domain registrars and I've chose to stick with Domainking. Ever since I find out about DomainKing, I have been buying domains from them and recently I transfered mazinoweb.com to Domainking.

You might wondering what is special about DomainKing. Well, my experience with Domainking has been more than remarkable.

*. First, Domainking does help to redirect a domain after purchase which most domain registrars won't do for you.

*. DomainKing has an eccentric customer service, responses are prompt. You can contact them on social media, through their live chat on their websites, or through your Cpanel and get satisfying response.

*. Domainking still remain the most reliable, cheapest domain and web hosting providers in Nigeria.

*. Every domain purchase usually comes with two free custom emails.

*. Domainking offers you the best whois protection at no cost.

*. Lastly, CBN policies and many banks suspension of international transactions using naira debit cards doesn't prevent buying domains or hosting plans, as Domainking accept verve card and bank deposit. You can also use your naira debit cards (Mastercard or Visa card) to purchase any service from Domainking.

So, won't you rather buy domains or web hosting plans from Domainking?
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How To Stop Receiving Unsolicited Messages From Telecoms Operators

It can be very annoying when your network provider continually send you irrelevant SMS. Most times after you have read and deleted the message, in no time you get SMS notification - you checked and see it is the same message you have read and deleted.

Due to the barrage of complaints on the menace of unsolicited message, The Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) has swayed into action to allow customers choose what type of messages they want to receive from telecoms operators.

MTN, Glo, Etisalat, Airtel

Now you have the right to stop your network provider from sending you unsolicited messages. To opt out from receiving such SMS, send stop to the short code 2442. Depending on the network, you may get another message requesting you to take further actions.
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Why You Should Sign Up For A Payoneer Account

In this era of e-commerce and so many online payment platforms, Payoneer is the new solution for international transactions. Payoneer is an international money transfer service which provides a quick, low-cost and secure solution to pay and get paid globally. Founded in 2005, Payoneer users have grown to over 200 million.

Payoneer has a prepaid debit MasterCard that allow one to withdraw cash from any ATM around the world with the MasterCard logo. If you are a business person who makes money online or buys things online, then you should apply for the Payoneer MasterCard.

Benefits of Having A Payoneer Account

Many people still don't have a domiciliary account, and even if they have, most big affiliates websites and freelance job sites won't pay a freelancers or internet marketers via wire transfer; eg Fiverr. Therefore, having a Payoneer account is a must.

Once you have a Payoneer account, you can use your Payoneer funds to buy goods online, make payments for services such as Facebook ads. You can also sell your Payoneer funds at a profitable rate.

To be entitled to a Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard, you must sign up for a Payoneer account. You will not be charged for signing up. After you have successfully completed the Signup application form, you will have to wait until it is approved. Once approved, your Payoneer MasterCard is manufactured, and shipped to the address you used on your application form. You will receive your Payoneer card within a month depending on your location.

I received my Payoneer card within one week after my application was approved. To sign up for a Payoneer account, visit the Payoneer website.
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