How I Won Domainking Contest 2016 Grand Prize

First for those who don't really know what Domainking is; DomainKing is a global domain registrar accredited with African and Asian domain registries. Domainking offer domain names, web hosting, Wordpress hosting, SSL and websites.

Back to the contest, Domainking contest for 2016 has a total cash prize of N250,000. I won the grand prize of N100,000. Although N100,000 is not big compare to a million naira, I'm still grateful to everyone who truly wanted me to win and did their best for me to win.

Mazino Oyolo-Kigho Win Domainking Contest

The money won is not what really matters most to me but what is, I've been able to know who really my real friends are, and those who are not. I am also grateful to Domainking.ng for the love they keep showing to Nigerian bloggers and webmasters.

For those who knew I was in a contest and didn't care, I still wish you all the best in life. Always stand by those who stand by you. #DomainkingNGRocks


  1. Great piece. It's a honour well deserved. I wish you more success in your hustle. #DomainkingNGRocks

  2. congrats! bro am really happy for you.... Your hard work is now paying


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