My Experience With Domainking.Ng

Being a blogger you must have a blog. And as a serious blogger, you must use a custom domain. People might not actually take you serious when using a sub-domain eg blogspot [dot]com.

In buying domains, I have personally tested different domain registrars and I've chose to stick with Domainking. Ever since I find out about DomainKing, I have been buying domains from them and recently I transfered mazinoweb.com to Domainking.

You might wondering what is special about DomainKing. Well, my experience with Domainking has been more than remarkable.

*. First, Domainking does help to redirect a domain after purchase which most domain registrars won't do for you.

*. DomainKing has an eccentric customer service, responses are prompt. You can contact them on social media, through their live chat on their websites, or through your Cpanel and get satisfying response.

*. Domainking still remain the most reliable, cheapest domain and web hosting providers in Nigeria.

*. Every domain purchase usually comes with two free custom emails.

*. Domainking offers you the best whois protection at no cost.

*. Lastly, CBN policies and many banks suspension of international transactions using naira debit cards doesn't prevent buying domains or hosting plans, as Domainking accept verve card and bank deposit. You can also use your naira debit cards (Mastercard or Visa card) to purchase any service from Domainking.

So, won't you rather buy domains or web hosting plans from Domainking?


  1. I want to host my blog there but I'm being patient, I'm yet to get serious... Lol...The Blogtrovert: Places To Get Free Pictures For Your Website "clickable"

  2. The whole web has been flooded with the praise of DomainKing.

    Well, I think I've seen heard enough, its time I join the winning team.

    Commenting from consumer tech blog

  3. Wow.. Thanks Mazino for this piece. I will go for Domain King.

  4. Wahoo. Love the short but precise piece. May be I will consider domainking someday though not yet used them till now.

    Thanks for the info.

  5. You just said it as it is, my domain is from domain king and ive no regret about it. I think everyone should try them out....

  6. I won't mind changing over to Domain King in the nearest future to have such a remarkable experience as yours. Nice article.

  7. Mazino, I always have confident in your decisions, therefore I am also sticking to Domainking.

  8. I saw the Domainking hash tag on Mazino facebook posts and I decided to buy from Domainking.

  9. Ever since I discovered DomainKing NG, I start using them to buy domains for clients.

    Why I so much love to DKNG are listed above especially their live chat been very active and they help with issues even from their end.

    I like and endorse DomainKing to Website and Blog owners.

    Nice article Mazino. #DomainKingNGRocks indeed ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ✌๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘


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