How To Advertise On Linkedin

Most social networking sites offer advertising opportunities. Linkedin is one of them and can help you get your business in front of the world's largest professional social network. Linkedin has 3 types of ads; Text ads, Sponsored content, Sponsored InMail. Your budget, target audience and purpose of advertising will determine the ad type you should go for.

Recently I promoted a real estate site on Linkedin with text ads. If you have a Linkedin account, go to  Campaign Manager to proceed.

==> Click on Text ads

==> This page will enable you to open a fresh new ad account if this is your first time of trying to advertise on Linkedin. Choose the account name and currency. If you have a company page or showcase page, you can add it. But for Text ads, a page company is not needed for the campaign except you want to use it as your landing page. Click on Next.

==> On this page, simply enter your campaign name and language and click on Next.

==> This is the stage where you start building your ad. You should choose your destination page, that is if you want your landing page to be your page or your website. Add your catchy headline, description, and image. If you are satisfied with what you have done, you can click on Save.

==> You can decide to create a variation of ads. If you want to stick to one, you should click on Next.

==> Choose your target location and audience.

==> Set your budget. Minimum daily budget is $10. Bid type is cost per click or cost per impression. The minimum bid is $2. You can schedule your campaign or start immediately. Click on Next if you are okay with what you have done.

==> Enter your billing details. If you have a coupon code, you can enter it and click on Apply. After that click on Review Order.

==> There is nothing really much about this page so click on Launch Campaign.

==> If your card is successfully accepted, you should see the message "You're all set! We've emailed you a copy of your confirmation order.

You are good to go on advertising on Linkedin! Once your ad is approved, people will start responding to it. If you follow the above steps closely you should be able to create your first texts ad on Linkedin and reach an audience that matters to your business.

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