How To Create Custom Email On Domainking

Domainking gives you two free custom emails when you purchase a domain name from them. If you want your brand to have a professional email, then it better to make use of the free email available to you. To create a custom email from Domainking is not a difficult task and below is a tutorial on how you can do it.

==> Login to your Domainking account and click on My Domains. Click on Manage this Domain icon.

==> Click on DKNG DNS & Free Email Panel (Beta).

==> Click on Manage Free Emails

==> Click on Continue to Email panel.

==> Click on Add User.

==> At this stage, you are require to fill in your Name, Display Name, Desired Email Address, Alternate Email Address, Country of User and Language of User. After that, Click on Add user.

==> Email created and a password is also automatically generated. 

==> Copy the password and login to Webmail to change it to your desired password.

If you follow the above steps closely, you should be able to create a custom email with Domainking.

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