How To Link Your Custom Email To Gmail

No matter the kind of mobile device or computer browser, Gmail is lighter and easier to open compare to other email clients. With the Gmail App, you get can notifications on your device once new mails arrive which rarely occur when you use other email clients.

With Gmail, you can manage all your custom emails in one account. This mean that you can send and receive emails with your custom email address using Gmail. Here is a tutorial that show just how you can link your custom email address to Gmail. This method doesn't require you to make any monthly or yearly payment to Google.

==> Login to your Gmail account and proceed to Settings. On the next page, click on  Accounts and Import.

==> Click on Add another email address.

==> A new window will pop up. There you will be required to enter the information about the other email you want to add to your Gmail account. Click on Next Step.

==.> In this page you should enter the login details (Username and Password) of your custom email.

==> You should enter here the verification code sent to your custom email or click on the verification link.

==.> At this stage, you should have your custom email added to your Gmail. You can decide to make it your default email. Make sure you tick Reply from the same email address message was sent to.

==> Go to compose, you will notice that the added custom email is appearing in the 'From' field.

If you follow the above steps closely, you should be able to add your custom emails to Gmail. You can add more than one email address. Just repeat the same steps over again.

Now you can send emails directly from Gmail. The recipient will get your mails appearing as if you sent it directly from your custom email. To receive emails sent to your custom emails directly into your Gmail, simply do a mail forwarding. Go your Custom email settings and forward all mails to your Gmail address. You can always differentiate emails that are sent to your custom email address from those sent to Gmail address.

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