How To Setup Custom Email For Com.NG Domains On Domainking

Domainking let you have 2 free custom emails when you purchase a domain which most domain registrars don't offer you. After purchasing a domain and redirecting it, it left for you to decide if you want to use the regular emails services such as Gmail or Yahoomail. But one thing you need to know is, having a custom email gives your business a more professional touch.

Setup for Domainking custom email for .com is entirely different from .com.ng. It is much easier for .com domains and that's the reason majority of those who bought a .com.ng domains don't use custom email. Well, below is a tutorial on how you can set up your custom email for .com.ng domains.

==> Login to your Domainking account. Click on my service.

==> Click on the manage this domain icon at the right as shown by the red arrow

==> Scroll down and click on Login to cPanel. Your Username/Password is provided. You can decide to change your password before proceeding.

==.> Type in your Username and Password.

==> Click on Email Accounts.

==> Input the email Username you want, for instance info@mazinoweb.com.ng. Choose a password too and click on Create Account. Tick unlimited for the field Mailbox Quota

==> After email account is created, you can decide to create a second email if you wish.

==> To login and configure your email, type webmail.yourdomain.com.ng.on your browser address bar. Eg webmail.mazinoweb.com.ng. Type your Username/Password and click Login.

==> You will have the 3 different email clients to choose from: Horde, Roundcube or SquirrelMail. All have their different interface and features.

If you follow the above procedures closely you should be able to setup free custom email for your .com.ng domains. 


  1. Thanks for this post. But I'd like you to also share a post on moving from blogger sub domain to a custom custom domain using domainking. Thank you.


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