How To Add Ad Codes Below Post Title On Blogger New Themes

Ads below post title can increase your earnings as people get to see the ad first before any other ones if you have none above the fold. With the blogger new themes, you may wonder how to place AdSense or any other advertising network ad codes below the post title.

Here is a very brief tutorial on how to add Adsense code or any other banner code below the post title.

==> Go to Blogger dashboard > Theme > Edit HTML

==> Search for  <data:post.body/>. There is one of such code in 3 of the themes. Place the ad code above it and save theme. If you find more than one <data:post.body/> place the ad code above the second one and save theme.

==> Go to your blog post to view. The ad will be displayed below the post title on both web and mobile.

If you follow the above steps closely, you should be able to add ads below your blog post title on blogger new themes. 

For the old themes search for <div class='post-header-line-1'/> and place the ad code below the </div>. Two of such codes exist. The first is usually for mobile and the last is for the web. 

Happy blogging!


  1. Helpful tutorial indeed! keep it coming bro

  2. Interesting... This has been of help. Thanks for the clue


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