Domainking Update: We Will Be Back Online Shortly

We all know for a while now, website have been down and bloggers who couldn't wait to hear from the Domain registrar began to move their domains to other domain registrars. I was also disappointed with Domainking for keeping customers in the dark. Some websites have been down but a recent post from a Facebook user claimed his website is back.

This will be good news for all those currently hosting their websites and domains with Domainking updated their Facebook page that they will back online shortly. Read below;

Domainking update:

The website has only been temporarily suspended, the reason for suspension was withdrawal of support channels which were mandatory, and also lack of delivery of services in this case domain registration during the period of 4 weeks in February,.
We will be back online shortly.


We can only but wait to see how long it will take for them to come back fully. Only time will tell.

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