GTBank Naira Mastercard Now Work For Facebook Ad Once Again

Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank) blocked their Naira Mastercard for Facebook ad payment some weeks ago. GTBank Naira Mastercard is among the few Nigeria banks' debit card many people use to pay for Facebook ads to promote their businesses or drive traffic to their websites. Since Facebook was declining the card, many have to look for alternative payment method.

Yesterday a friend told me GTB Naira Mastercard is now working for Facebook ad. I decided to test it and it worked. I was able to pay for my ads successfully. So guys, once again you can start using your GTB Naira Mastercard to pay for Facebook ad.

Please note that the $100 international spending limit still stands, so if you are the type that does spend more than $100 dollar monthly, get a dollar card from any bank of your choice.


  1. Glad to hear they're now allowing Naira Mastercard for International transaction. If this can worked for Facebook ads, i assume it should be able to work on other foreign company too like Namecheap, Godaddy and co.

  2. does it now work on PAYPAL too?

  3. This really needs some clarification, GTBank customer service agents insists GTBank has stopped payments for Facebook, Google ads and PayPal, they advise one to get a dollar card which will be funded from the black market to make these payments, this was what they told me early July, so can one tell me if they recently paid with their Naira master card for Google ad, PayPal or Facebook ad?

    1. GTBbank Naira Mastercard still works for International transactions. The only thing is that it is not working on paypal.
      Read the latest update on the use of their naira mastercard here http://www.mazinoweb.com/2017/07/gtbank-removes-100-spending-limitation.html


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