Alternativeadverts.com Is A Scam - Publishers

Alternative adverts on its website claims to be Nigeria's and Africa’s leading online advertising platform, no 1 online advertising agency and digital marketing company. Nigerian publishers who have monetized their websites with alternative adverts network are not smiling.

There are many reports that alternativeadverts.com is a scam, that they don't pay publishers. Well, I was also once a publisher of the ad network. I made about $16 before I removed their codes from my site. And I also told my blogger friends whom I introduced to alternative adverts to do the same.

You may be wondering why I chose to remove the ad codes from my site. I referred a friend of mine who owned a popular blog in Nigeria to alternative adverts. The blogger does have reasonable traffic and in no time he was able to earn $115. At the time of publishing this post, it over 6 months and the blogger haven't been paid by alternative adverts.
Alternativeadverts.com Is A Scam

In fact, a lot transpired when the blogger requested for his payment from the supposed owner of the ad network. Like I used to tell some brands that "customer care is more than that a department, it is an attitude.", alternative adverts have no customer relationship. According to the blogger, the owner was very rude on phone. Then he decided to send text messages to continue the conversation. The screenshot below shows the chats between the blogger and the owner of the alternative adverts.

Alternativeadverts.com Is A Scam - Publishers

Alternativeadverts.com Is A Scam - Publishers
Alternativeadverts.com Is A Scam - Publishers

Alternativeadverts.com Is A Scam - Publishers

At this point, some may say this was a script. Kindly look at the number of that chats and then the one on the alternative websites below. 

Alternativeadverts.com Is A Scam - Publishers

Alternativeadverts.com Is A Scam

Alternativeadverts.com Is A Scam - Publishers

What do you think? Is the phone number on the chat not the same as the one on the alternative adverts website?

There are other publishers who claimed alternative adverts have refused to pay them, and some also said their earnings have been wiped out.  Read in Nairaland what some are saying about alternative adverts.

On the Nairaland thread, the owner claimed that sites such as The Punch, Vanguard, The Guardian, Nigerian Tribune, PM News, Daily Post, Daily Independent, Hallmark Newspaper, Complete Sports are publishers. But as of today, none of these mentioned sites seem to be using the ad network.

That Nairaland post was 2015 and down the line in 2017, the company is still having the problem in paying publishers. Experience is never the best teacher. No one needs to tell me what I will also encounter if I had reached the payment threshold. This is the main reason I stopped using alternative adverts to monetize my blog. I also use this opportunity to apologize to all those I referred to become a publisher and didn't get paid.

On it website, alternative adverts stated "You can advertise on various newspaper websites in Nigeria. They have advertising estates on  Punch Newspaper, the Sun and Vanguard Newspaper, The Nation newspaper, PM News and Tribune Newspaper, etc. But on those mentioned sites, there is no such of alternative adverts on them. Is this not deceit? SMH.

Questions That Need Answers?

1. Why are there no good reports of alternative adverts online and why are all the bad reports the same?
2. Why do they love to owe their publishers?
3. Why is their customer care very rude and unreceptive?
4. Why do they keep running a business that has no good reputable?
5. Why tell people that they have advertising estates (Nigerian Newspapers), whereas it's outrightly false?

If you have other questions, you can add it to the comment box.

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7 Marketing Tips To Boost Your Blog Audience

Getting to setup a blog is not the problem of many bloggers today but the point of the issue comes when the blog is fully ready and there is no audience to read its contents. Nothing can be so displeasing than you going the extra mile to seek a cool, genuine and informative article only to discover nobody or only a few people know you exist.

Every niche has its audience, be it sport, business, tech etc. The thing is now you go out to look for your audience. No business can ever grow without proper marketing.

Things You Must Do
  • You need to make people know what you do,
  • You need to bring your service closer to them,
  • You need to make them know you exist,
  • They need to know you have got a solution to their long time question.
The tips in this article might not be new to you, though I have tried my best to make it as simple as it can be and understandable. The present problem with bloggers in the blogging world is that only a few are ready to spend on their blog.

Life is garbage in garbage out, it is what you sow that you will reap. You can't expect someone who went the extra mile to gathering over 10,000 emails to have the same page views with someone always looking for where to spam. Someone who boost his/her post to get over 8000 page views with someone who just does ordinary sharing. The difference will be there.

You have been reading articles like this for long but what will make the difference is if;

1. You are ready to invest your money
2. You are ready to be consistent
3. You are ready to invest your time
4. You are ready to give it what it takes.

Rome was not built in a day, this Mazinoweb that you are now part of his audience went out or strategized in one way or the other on how to get you here.

Join me on the practical journey on the 7 Marketing tips to boost your blog audience.

1. Social Media Marketing


Most of us that are bloggers can send broadcast messages anytime on WhatsApp but our own blog contents are there crying for who to read them.

One of the best and most reliable social media to trend a news or info is WhatsApp. You copy post topics with a little teaser and broadcast it, you can even put it at the bottom that "don't enjoy this alone, rebroadcast".

Let your friends know. As you're broadcasting they are also broadcasting. Just be sure it's a meaningful content that they will want to read.

Facebook and Twitter

These are popular ones that we can't do without. May I say this, that most bloggers often market amiss on Facebook. Here is it, there are groups where we often place our link that can never yield any positive result. You need to post links in groups related to your niche. Don't just post anyhow. You need to get a Facebook page, either buy or create. You need to get a Facebook group, either buy or create.

You need to get a Twitter account. Get people to stay connected to you, boost post when you need to, use auto share to get your posts on your Twitter account using relevant hashtags.

2. Content Marketing

Why on earth will you get good traffic with copy and paste? Oh, you think your readers won't know When they read a post on Mazinoweb and still see the exact post on your own, they can't read again They need fresh articles, not repeated ones. To get good audience rate, your audience must be able to stay assured that you will give them cool and quality write-up with solid information.

3. Email Marketing

This is one marketing skill that is really making sense. In fact one of these days, I intend making a post on email marketing. You have come about people say "to get so so information free, drop your email". What do you think is the brain behind that? They want to get people who are interested and to know those that has an interest in an article relating to a particular niche. I believe if you drop your mail to get a free guide on traffic, you will also need other blogging tips so I will add you to my email list. When you are able to get a long and good email list, then you could start your email marketing. You can also put "Subscribe to email alert" below your blog. Yes, it works!

4. Commenting

Commenting is one sure way to get an audience on your blog. When you drop meaningful replies or contributions to posts on other blogs with just a link indicating the blog you own, people will come in search of you. Take for example after reading a business article on a blog or site, you had a thought of what people's questions might be on it or what people might not be clear about and you treated it fine with your link at the bottom, people will want to visit the source. I am not saying you should go ahead spamming. If you spam, you're doing it at your own risk.

5. Guest Posting

I happen to send a guest post for a blog while ago and actually, I never knew the blogger had published the article on his blog. I was going through my traffic source when I saw the blogger's URL and immediately I dashed out to see and truly I saw it has been published.

I had also made thousands of page views from guest posting. You can do it, it's a way of marketing your blog through what you write. Utilize the about author well to give a description of what you do and not who you are.

6. Offline Marketing

This sure works!. What I do at a time was that I started telling my friends about my blog. I tell them what I do, in fact, I even collected their phones and opened my blog to show them, then bookmark it on their phone. Telling people about your blog works a lot, don't be ignorant of it, tell friends to tell their friends about it.

7. Network Marketing

This is really the craziest of all. The first time I saw this, I was dazed. I was calling a friend of mine on the phone when his blog address and description suddenly appeared and this was how it was for anyone who calls him. This is marketing and you can do it. What network are you using? Call the customer care and explain what you want to do. If you are really determined to blog and you are passionate about it then you need to give it what it takes.

This post was written by Kayode Oluwatobiloba Emmanuel for Mazinoweb. Kayode is a blogger, a freelancer, a business psychologist and a motivator. He owns dailyguide.com.ng where he shares tips and secrets on business success and motivates youths for financial buoyancy.
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3 Importance Of Teamwork In Business

Businesses all across the world today were either initiated by a founder or co-founders. This means that no business is an island in the world market. Great business tycoons such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Donald Trump and the rest of them started maybe alone basically by birthing the driving business idea but definitely had to team up with like minds to actualize certain ideas in the lane of the business activities.

Can we see that teamwork is a crucial step at certain levels in business? We will treat the three points I have to share with us in details below.

Teamwork involves two or more persons coming together on a common ground, putting resources together to achieve a given task/goal for the sake of profit or different forms of objective. In running a business, teamwork is a great move to ensure that certain modalities are made a reality in the real sense. It is a bedrock in the world of today for so many businesses. Check out how electronic gadget manufacturers make their products compatible with that of other companies. Are they crazy? No! They are simply teaming up in disguise with other companies to make the art of invention and innovation interesting worldwide which leads to huge profit.

Let’s see the three (3) importance of teamwork in business below;

1. It Gives Room For Invention And Innovation

When teamwork is employed in a business, the personalities involved feel inspired and important and hence offer their very best to ensure the goal of the team is met. While they do this, invention/innovations are birthed into the business which leads to increase in sales depending on how the business owner(s) execute the new ideas brought forward.

It took Facebook teamwork to reach the level they are currently in business. Mark Zuckerberg had to search for good hands that can help him to initiate certain ideas he had and because they were goal minded. Today, Facebook has made Mark one of the world’s richest man in the whole world. The importance of a team in certain businesses can’t be underestimated as it is powerful and crucial for growth.

2. It Reduces Unnecessary Mistakes in Business

The team being a group of two or more persons, will always scrutinize every idea to be sure that it is healthy for the business in order to avoid certain mistakes that will ruin their efforts in time past. So we can see that teamwork reduces certain common mistakes that most single business owners make. Imagine if the video game PES(Pro Evolution Soccer) was usually designed and programmed by 3 persons alone. Will it be interesting to the football lovers as it is currently? Absolutely it won’t be. Teamwork makes the end result superb and acceptable often times to the market.

3. It expands a Business

Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates but today due to teamwork it’s more like a network of awesome software engineers with several extensions of different platforms that have kept the whole Microsoft Company standing for years. Teamwork became a bedrock over the years for Microsoft and several companies all across the world.

Are you planning on starting a business? Consider the tips in this article to get some uncommon result in your business. Build your business empire with the right knowledge that best fits your kind of business.

This post was written by Ike Ani for Mazinoweb. Ike is an editor running a blog at gistpark.com. You can connect with him on Twitter and Google+.
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7 Reasons Why Life Is A Scam

Have you ever had a sheer thought that gosh, life is a scam? Well, probably not. Though there are times where you probably questioned life. So How is Life a Scam? Let's first attempt to define the major terms in this context.

What is Scam?

Scam simply means a fraudulent deal. To defraud or embezzle. A swindle in which the mark, or victim is defrauded after his/her trust has been won.

And What is Life?

Life is the state of being alive,  you know - living. You still have breathed. Meaning, you are yet to kick the bucket.

Life is like a big merry-go-round, You're up and then down, Going in circles trying to get to where you are. Everybody's been counting you out, Where are they now? Sitting in the same old place, Just faces in the crowd. We all make mistakes, You might fall on your face, But you gotta get up!

Reasons Why Life Can Be A Scam


The first sad news we come across is that we are not here to stay. One day, we will surely die. Why is this a scam? Well we know we will die, but we don't know when. So should I just sit idle and await the inevitable fate? Or should I do some running around and amass wealth?

Should I repent and be born again now before it's too late or should I tarry in sin a little longer?

Is it safe to go on this trip? I should probably forfeit this once in a lifetime opportunity to board a flight to Dubai?. There has been news of plane crash every now and then. What if the one I board crashes?

Whatever we want to do, we are constantly reminded that death is inevitable.

Of what profit is it to me to end up like that foolish man in the Bible who after amassing so much died without enjoying the benefit.

Wouldn't it be a better bargain if we are very much informed of our time of departure? So we could plan and work according to time. Know what we can or can't achieve?


Sadly I'm not referring to gender inequality here but simply the gender - male and female. How is this a scam? She is pregnant and child is about to be born. But do we get to chose the gender of the child? Two groups are defrauded of this choice. The couple and the child.

Does life give the couple the choice to pick their desired gender for this child, if it should be a boy or girl? Many couples want it balanced. Probably boy, then girl, then boy, then girl again or viz.

Imagine that Igbo woman praying fervently for a male child after 7 daughters only for her to give birth yet again to another girl. How much joy can she muster behind the disappointment? Where is the heir to carry on the family name?

That woman with so many sons, with desire for a daughter to comb and plait her hair, tender her skin, to assist in the kitchen, to teach that family recipe, that wears her shoes and makeup, to give out in marriage. Did she bargain to have a football club of sons?

They say the man determines the gender of the child. But that's not entirely true. He only releases sperms bearing XX and XY chromosomes. He doesn't get to choose which sperm gets to the egg first. If only each testicle bares XX and XY sperms separately and man is able to prevent either from releasing its stock, then he would truly be able to determine the sex of the child. But no, it just had to be mixed. What a scam!

What about the child itself? Doesn't it get the choice to be what it wants to be? To be a boy or girl? Often times we see chicks wishing they were dudes and dudes wishing they were chicks. If that gay could choose, won't he had come out as female, or that lesbian, to come out as guy so their interest would be as it ought to be?

Heck! Some crazy even go about changing their body parts to be the other gender. What a scam!


As little children, we are totally dependent on our parents and guardians. We can't provide food for the stomach, clothing for our nakedness, a shelter for our head, etc.

And as we grow, we crave for a bit of independence, where we can get that handbag mummy doesn't want to buy for us, that phone, headphone, game, memory card, etc. We need our own money to take that girl out. We are tired of dad and mom's reluctance to give us some money - the probings, complaints, and warnings attached.

So we take up some menial jobs - teaching in private schools, sales boy or girl, a cleaning job, our personal venture such as selling of lemonade, recharge cards, blogging, etc. But the little money we make can barely take care of our immediate needs. It can't take care of rent nor food. Who is gonna take care of the costly stuff like our tuition fees, dues, etc? Who else but those who we are trying desperately to be independent of? So it turns out we only gained a little bit of semi-independence.

Everyone keep gearing to be independent but the scam is that we can never really be independent. A CEO depends on his employees as much as they depend on him for their wages. A merchant with no employee depends on his customers to patronize his goods and services. A farmer depends on soil and rain.

Heck! We even depend on food and air for survival. A man depends on a woman to be able to procreate and have children.

We will always be dependent. The more we try to seek independence, the more we are gonna end up dependent. It's just another scam of life.


The rate at which technology is changing since its conception is hard to catch up with. New models of vehicles, PCs, mobile phones, etc are presented annually with one or two new features. Especially mobile devices! Take the iPhone series for example. There came iPhone 5, then 6, 6s, 7 and now we are looking at iPhone 8. Android 4, 4.2, 4.4, 5, 6. And all these are just within 2-3 years. A person buys a recent device, say iPhone 7, and starts feeling on top of the world. Not long after, iPhone 8 gets unveiled. The iPhone 7 becomes outdated, old school. Now the user starts looking for ways to raise cash to buy the new device. What a scam!

I decided to scoop around for others point of views as regarding life as a scam. There were a few extra valid reasons. But I decided to pick out the following three reasons.


When you’re a kid you imagine how life would be as an adult. As an adult you can start making money, you are gonna buy a Lamborghini or Ranger Rover, build a mansion, you can vote, you can drive, you can drink, stay up late and wake up whenever you like (to hell with the 5 am alarms) get married and have kids, etc. It seems that being an adult is awesome and it truly is but there’s load of stuff that no one prepared you for. The unemployment, the corrupt government, the responsibilities, etc.


Competition in itself is not a problem; it helps to push human beings to levels of excellence. Who really doesn't like the Olympics or at least what they stand for? Many tears have been shed while watching them. But the typical person seems not to know when to turn off the competition when to just be real and not to be trying to win at all costs. Thus, although competition should not be discarded from our training, more emphasis must be placed on knowing when to cooperate rather than compete. There has to be a line drawn somewhere. Life cannot be an endless scam, whereby we must keep on our toes at all times or get gotten.

MM Schemes Get Rich Quick - Get Scammed!

Every week millions of people receive dozens of "Make $100 in a day!" offers in the email. All well packaged and tempting, of course, and some of them seem easy. But, after we've sent in our $25 "registration or start-up fee" or some other such thing, we find out that in order to make that $100, we will have to run out and mug people on the street, because what we've received is some old bogus plan that would take two life time to pay off.

Naturally, in the "inspirational" tape or writeup that might come with any cheesy product we might receive for our hard-earned money, we are told that if we don't make the $100, it is because we aren't working hard enough. "It all depends on how much you put into it!" we are cheerfully reprimanded.

Then there are the happy, happy MLM companies that also promise us $1,000,000 if we simply make all of our friends and families buy dozens of bottles of whatsamagigs and whooseywhats, so that they can then make all of their friends and families buy some, and so on and so forth - the cycle continues. "Then you tell two friends, and then they tell two friends," etc. Sure, some people have become rich through MLM, but far more people have been left holding the bag(s).

Over to you, is life really a scam? What do you think?

NB: This not my opinion of life but on examination of the uncertainties in life.
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Solution To The Disk Is Write Protected Error On USB Drive Or SD Card

Nowadays USB drives, SD cards, pen drives or thumb drives are widely used by more and more persons as data storage devices. Usually, you use such a removable device to store some important files so as to carry it anywhere for usage.

However, when copying a file or folder to a USB drive, pen drive, SD card or any removable disk, an error message happens to you, saying “The disk is write-protected. Remove this write-protection or use another disk”. If you click “Try Again” button, this issue still appears.

In this case, perhaps you think there is something wrong with this target device. As a matter of fact, it is in healthy status but only be write-protected which can’t allow you to write data to or change the data on the USB drive. Once opening USB write protection, you can only read data from the device, not doing any operation to it. Therefore, you get the disk write protected error when transferring a file or folder to your USB drive or SD card.

Why Write Protected USB Occur

Usually while encountering disk wrote protected issue during using Windows 10/8/7, you are wondering about the specific factors. Generally speaking, there are six related reasons. Keep reading now.

Virus attack: various viruses are ubiquitous which are most likely to attack your USB flash drive, pen drive or SD card. Then the device is in write-protected.
Read Only Switch: usually, there is a switch on your USB drive and it is set as “read-only”, then the disk is write protected Windows 10/8/7 issue exists.
File Read Only: you probably have set the file as “read-only”, and then you are not allowed to copy it to a USB drive or other devices.

In addition, full disk, security setting, and corrupted device are still related to USB write protected error. After learning the reasons, it is time to fix disk write protection error. Do you know how to do this work? Here are some solutions according to different reasons.

How to Remove USB Write Protection

Solution 1: Check USB Flash Drive for Virus

Virus infection is a very common cause of the disk is write protected SD card/USB drive issue. When plugging your device to the computer, viruses come to this device and then the disk is write-protected. In this case, please download a piece of anti-virus software and then set it to automatically check your device and kill viruses after connecting it to your computer.

Solution 2: Unlock USB Write Protection

As the above content mentioned, usually there is a physical switch which is used to lock or unlock your device. If you lock it, disk write protection issue appears during copying files or folders to the device. Please check whether this switch is locked. If it is, unlock it now.

On the other hand, if your USB drive doesn’t have such a switch, but write protection error still exists in Windows 10/8/7, please turn to the next solution for help.

Solution 3: Ensure USB Drive Isn’t Full

In addition, full disk is also the main factor of disk write protected error. In order to remove USB write protection, please right click your USB drive or SD card partition to select “Properties” in Windows Explorer. Then you will see the free disk space. If the disk space is enough, but you still fail to copy files or folders with the disk is write protected issue, try the next way.

Solution 4: Change File Status

When a file is set as “Read-only” status, it is likely that there is a failure to copy it to the USB drive. In order to disable write protection, please check the target file status and modify it not in “Read-only” state.

Solution 5: Use Diskpart to Clear Write Protected USB

Besides, there is another way to disable the disk is write protected, which is to use diskpart. Please run CMD as administrator and then type “diskpart”. Then type the following commands in turn:

"list disk"
"select disk n"
"disk attribute clear readonly"

Solution 6: Modify the Registry

Please open registry edit, and then go to find "WriteProtect" by the following path:
Then change the value from “1” to “0”.

This post was written by Anna Lan for Mazinoweb. Anna is an editor running a blog on MiniTool Solution. She usually writes articles about technology, software, computer, hardware and so on.  You can connect with her on Twitter and Google+.
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Facebook Ad: Boosted Posts Now Reach People On Instagram

Facebook is really making advertising on it's platform more interesting as now boosted posts can reach people on Instagram. Unlike before, when you want to target Instagram audience, you will need to use ad manager or the Instagram app.

With this new development, you can now drive Instagram traffic to your blog from boosting a post on your Facebook page. For your boosted post to be shown to Instagram audience, the image of the post should have high resolution. You can read about image resolution requirement here.

Below is how it looks when trying to boost a post. If you don't want ad to be shown on Instagram, untick the box (Run promotion on Instagram).

This new feature will be good for those who love to run ads directly from their page. What do you think, make sense or not?

NB: Make you sure you have linked an Instagram account to your Facebook page. 
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How To Add Ad Codes In Middle Of Post On Blogger New Themes

Are you currently using the blogger new themes and you will love to have Google ads or any other ad network's banner to appear in the middle of your blog posts? If yes, then this post is just for you.

Adding ads in the middle of the post can increase your click-through-rate (CTR) irrespective of the adverts, whether PPC or affiliate marketing.

Below is a brief tutorial on how to add ad codes in the middle of posts on blogger new themes.

==> Go to Blogger dashboard > Theme > Edit HTML

==> Search for  <data:post.body/>. There is one of such code in 3 of the themes. If you find more than one <data:post.body/> replace it with the codes below and save theme.

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<div id='ad-target'>
<div id='ad-content'>
<div style='margin:15px 0;text-align:center;clear:both;'>
       AD CODES
<div id='ad-target'><blockquote class='tr_bq'>
 <script type='text/javascript'>
function insertAfter(addition,target) {
var parent = target.parentNode;
if (parent.lastChild == target) {
} else {
var adscont = document.getElementById(&quot;ad-content&quot;);
var target = document.getElementById(&quot;ad-target&quot;);
var linebreak = target.getElementsByTagName(&quot;br&quot;);
if (linebreak.length &gt; 0){
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;static_page&quot;'><data:post.body/></b:if>

==> Go to your blog post to view. The ad will be displayed in the middle of posts on both web and mobile.

NB: The 15px is the space between your content and your ad. You can choose to adjust it but for those using AdSense for monetization, it's a policy violation for your ads to be too close to your content. 

Replace AD CODES with your own codes.

Your ad will appear after the first line break in your post. You can adjust it by changing the number in yellow. If you follow the above steps closely, you should be able to add ads in the middle of posts on blogger new themes.

Remember to parse your ad codes before pasting inside your template.

Happy blogging!
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