7 Reasons Why Life Is A Scam

Have you ever had a sheer thought that gosh, life is a scam? Well, probably not. Though there are times where you probably questioned life. So How is Life a Scam? Let's first attempt to define the major terms in this context.

What is Scam?

Scam simply means a fraudulent deal. To defraud or embezzle. A swindle in which the mark, or victim is defrauded after his/her trust has been won.

And What is Life?

Life is the state of being alive,  you know - living. You still have breathed. Meaning, you are yet to kick the bucket.

Life is like a big merry-go-round, You're up and then down, Going in circles trying to get to where you are. Everybody's been counting you out, Where are they now? Sitting in the same old place, Just faces in the crowd. We all make mistakes, You might fall on your face, But you gotta get up!

Reasons Why Life Can Be A Scam


The first sad news we come across is that we are not here to stay. One day, we will surely die. Why is this a scam? Well we know we will die, but we don't know when. So should I just sit idle and await the inevitable fate? Or should I do some running around and amass wealth?

Should I repent and be born again now before it's too late or should I tarry in sin a little longer?

Is it safe to go on this trip? I should probably forfeit this once in a lifetime opportunity to board a flight to Dubai?. There has been news of plane crash every now and then. What if the one I board crashes?

Whatever we want to do, we are constantly reminded that death is inevitable.

Of what profit is it to me to end up like that foolish man in the Bible who after amassing so much died without enjoying the benefit.

Wouldn't it be a better bargain if we are very much informed of our time of departure? So we could plan and work according to time. Know what we can or can't achieve?


Sadly I'm not referring to gender inequality here but simply the gender - male and female. How is this a scam? She is pregnant and child is about to be born. But do we get to chose the gender of the child? Two groups are defrauded of this choice. The couple and the child.

Does life give the couple the choice to pick their desired gender for this child, if it should be a boy or girl? Many couples want it balanced. Probably boy, then girl, then boy, then girl again or viz.

Imagine that Igbo woman praying fervently for a male child after 7 daughters only for her to give birth yet again to another girl. How much joy can she muster behind the disappointment? Where is the heir to carry on the family name?

That woman with so many sons, with desire for a daughter to comb and plait her hair, tender her skin, to assist in the kitchen, to teach that family recipe, that wears her shoes and makeup, to give out in marriage. Did she bargain to have a football club of sons?

They say the man determines the gender of the child. But that's not entirely true. He only releases sperms bearing XX and XY chromosomes. He doesn't get to choose which sperm gets to the egg first. If only each testicle bares XX and XY sperms separately and man is able to prevent either from releasing its stock, then he would truly be able to determine the sex of the child. But no, it just had to be mixed. What a scam!

What about the child itself? Doesn't it get the choice to be what it wants to be? To be a boy or girl? Often times we see chicks wishing they were dudes and dudes wishing they were chicks. If that gay could choose, won't he had come out as female, or that lesbian, to come out as guy so their interest would be as it ought to be?

Heck! Some crazy even go about changing their body parts to be the other gender. What a scam!


As little children, we are totally dependent on our parents and guardians. We can't provide food for the stomach, clothing for our nakedness, a shelter for our head, etc.

And as we grow, we crave for a bit of independence, where we can get that handbag mummy doesn't want to buy for us, that phone, headphone, game, memory card, etc. We need our own money to take that girl out. We are tired of dad and mom's reluctance to give us some money - the probings, complaints, and warnings attached.

So we take up some menial jobs - teaching in private schools, sales boy or girl, a cleaning job, our personal venture such as selling of lemonade, recharge cards, blogging, etc. But the little money we make can barely take care of our immediate needs. It can't take care of rent nor food. Who is gonna take care of the costly stuff like our tuition fees, dues, etc? Who else but those who we are trying desperately to be independent of? So it turns out we only gained a little bit of semi-independence.

Everyone keep gearing to be independent but the scam is that we can never really be independent. A CEO depends on his employees as much as they depend on him for their wages. A merchant with no employee depends on his customers to patronize his goods and services. A farmer depends on soil and rain.

Heck! We even depend on food and air for survival. A man depends on a woman to be able to procreate and have children.

We will always be dependent. The more we try to seek independence, the more we are gonna end up dependent. It's just another scam of life.


The rate at which technology is changing since its conception is hard to catch up with. New models of vehicles, PCs, mobile phones, etc are presented annually with one or two new features. Especially mobile devices! Take the iPhone series for example. There came iPhone 5, then 6, 6s, 7 and now we are looking at iPhone 8. Android 4, 4.2, 4.4, 5, 6. And all these are just within 2-3 years. A person buys a recent device, say iPhone 7, and starts feeling on top of the world. Not long after, iPhone 8 gets unveiled. The iPhone 7 becomes outdated, old school. Now the user starts looking for ways to raise cash to buy the new device. What a scam!

I decided to scoop around for others point of views as regarding life as a scam. There were a few extra valid reasons. But I decided to pick out the following three reasons.


When you’re a kid you imagine how life would be as an adult. As an adult you can start making money, you are gonna buy a Lamborghini or Ranger Rover, build a mansion, you can vote, you can drive, you can drink, stay up late and wake up whenever you like (to hell with the 5 am alarms) get married and have kids, etc. It seems that being an adult is awesome and it truly is but there’s load of stuff that no one prepared you for. The unemployment, the corrupt government, the responsibilities, etc.


Competition in itself is not a problem; it helps to push human beings to levels of excellence. Who really doesn't like the Olympics or at least what they stand for? Many tears have been shed while watching them. But the typical person seems not to know when to turn off the competition when to just be real and not to be trying to win at all costs. Thus, although competition should not be discarded from our training, more emphasis must be placed on knowing when to cooperate rather than compete. There has to be a line drawn somewhere. Life cannot be an endless scam, whereby we must keep on our toes at all times or get gotten.

MM Schemes Get Rich Quick - Get Scammed!

Every week millions of people receive dozens of "Make $100 in a day!" offers in the email. All well packaged and tempting, of course, and some of them seem easy. But, after we've sent in our $25 "registration or start-up fee" or some other such thing, we find out that in order to make that $100, we will have to run out and mug people on the street, because what we've received is some old bogus plan that would take two life time to pay off.

Naturally, in the "inspirational" tape or writeup that might come with any cheesy product we might receive for our hard-earned money, we are told that if we don't make the $100, it is because we aren't working hard enough. "It all depends on how much you put into it!" we are cheerfully reprimanded.

Then there are the happy, happy MLM companies that also promise us $1,000,000 if we simply make all of our friends and families buy dozens of bottles of whatsamagigs and whooseywhats, so that they can then make all of their friends and families buy some, and so on and so forth - the cycle continues. "Then you tell two friends, and then they tell two friends," etc. Sure, some people have become rich through MLM, but far more people have been left holding the bag(s).

Over to you, is life really a scam? What do you think?

NB: This not my opinion of life but on examination of the uncertainties in life.

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  1. Yes, life is absolutely a scam. Especially mortality. It makes a mockery
    of everything you ever worked for, accomplished, overcame and suffered through. You're taught to delay immediate gratification for a greater more enduring reward in the future, but ultimately you can only go so far with this since our ultimate reward is death and everything is stripped away.

    The rat race of investing for retirement is another of life's scams. You can execute your game
    flawlessly, but circumstances are often beyond your control. Those "reasonable"
    risks you thought were worth taking end up being your undoing, like falling in
    love, getting married and starting a family. You make the smart choices by working
    hard in school, pursuing what should become a well paid career, avoiding drugs,
    excessive drinking, physical danger, slothfulness, etc. But no matter how well you think you may have screened your prospective spouse, people can and do change. Sometimes for the better, but often for the worst. Your spouse can walk out and leave you as a single parent. You may have a support structure of extended family and real friends. Or you might not. You might be stuck unable to work late nights or travel for business, which might seriously affect your career prospects and earning potential. Add in the cost of childcare and the necessity of saving for your kid's college, there just might not be enough left over for any serious effort at saving for retirement. You or your children can get sick or injured, resulting in unaffordable medical bills and a disruption in income if you have to stay home to care for yourself or your child.

    Hard work is another scam. The reward for hard work is more hard work. Chances are the company you work for has this thing where if you are really good and very efficient at doing what you do, you get to do the work that your coworkers cannot or will not do on their own. You can work hard and make your boss rich, but you might not be paid a penny more than coworkers who are barely working at all. You may even be the key to your company's success and be able to prove it, but the owners or managers can simply choose not to care. Their pay will be proportional to the company's profits, but yours will be based on a presumed "market rate" for your labor, regardless of whether or not your talent and capabilities are truly unique. Even when it's in the company's interest to reward their talented contributors, there are countless tales of companies that miss out on huge growth potential and sometimes fail entirely simply because they are too reluctant to let go of a relatively small percentage of profits. You could go into business for yourself, but timing and circumstances will have more impact on your success or failure than your talent and motivation. There are plenty of successful people who will say or even genuinely believe that their success was entirely their own making, but this is a result of confirmation bias. Most entrepreneurs fail and it's insulting to suggest that they all failed simply because they didn't work hard enough or believe in themselves.

    Life is definitely a scam, but it would at least be more tolerable if we could all be honest about it instead of forcing people to accept shame for situations that are largely beyond their control.


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