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Alternative adverts on its website claims to be Nigeria's and Africa’s leading online advertising platform, no 1 online advertising agency and digital marketing company. Nigerian publishers who have monetized their websites with alternative adverts network are not smiling.

There are many reports that is a scam, that they don't pay publishers. Well, I was also once a publisher of the ad network. I made about $16 before I removed their codes from my site. And I also told my blogger friends whom I introduced to alternative adverts to do the same.

You may be wondering why I chose to remove the ad codes from my site. I referred a friend of mine who owned a popular blog in Nigeria to alternative adverts. The blogger does have reasonable traffic and in no time he was able to earn $115. At the time of publishing this post, it over 6 months and the blogger haven't been paid by alternative adverts. Is A Scam

In fact, a lot transpired when the blogger requested for his payment from the supposed owner of the ad network. Like I used to tell some brands that "customer care is more than that a department, it is an attitude.", alternative adverts have no customer relationship. According to the blogger, the owner was very rude on phone. Then he decided to send text messages to continue the conversation. The screenshot below shows the chats between the blogger and the owner of the alternative adverts. Is A Scam - Publishers Is A Scam - Publishers Is A Scam - Publishers Is A Scam - Publishers

At this point, some may say this was a script. Kindly look at the number of that chats and then the one on the alternative websites below. Is A Scam - Publishers Is A Scam Is A Scam - Publishers

What do you think? Is the phone number on the chat not the same as the one on the alternative adverts website?

There are other publishers who claimed alternative adverts have refused to pay them, and some also said their earnings have been wiped out.  Read in Nairaland what some are saying about alternative adverts.

On the Nairaland thread, the owner claimed that sites such as The Punch, Vanguard, The Guardian, Nigerian Tribune, PM News, Daily Post, Daily Independent, Hallmark Newspaper, Complete Sports are publishers. But as of today, none of these mentioned sites seem to be using the ad network.

That Nairaland post was 2015 and down the line in 2017, the company is still having the problem in paying publishers. Experience is never the best teacher. No one needs to tell me what I will also encounter if I had reached the payment threshold. This is the main reason I stopped using alternative adverts to monetize my blog. I also use this opportunity to apologize to all those I referred to become a publisher and didn't get paid.

On it website, alternative adverts stated "You can advertise on various newspaper websites in Nigeria. They have advertising estates on  Punch Newspaper, the Sun and Vanguard Newspaper, The Nation newspaper, PM News and Tribune Newspaper, etc. But on those mentioned sites, there is no such of alternative adverts on them. Is this not deceit? SMH.

Questions That Need Answers?

1. Why are there no good reports of alternative adverts online and why are all the bad reports the same?
2. Why do they love to owe their publishers?
3. Why is their customer care very rude and unreceptive?
4. Why do they keep running a business that has no good reputable?
5. Why tell people that they have advertising estates (Nigerian Newspapers), whereas it's outrightly false?

If you have other questions, you can add it to the comment box.


  1. It is very true..they are a very big SCAM.. I have heard about them a lot...I even almost used them but thank God I was warned earlier

  2. John Adeshina1 May 2017 at 22:19

    Most bloggers know that they are fraudsters.. it is everywhere online. thank God for this post.. I have earlier written about this stupid ad network on Nairaland.

  3. You must be one of thief’s yourself, did you understand English as well, the person in question asked for your username and you decline providing it and you are more interested in posting rubbish, I read similar post on nairaland and he requested for the username of the person that started the tread and the user declined providing the username.
    He openly asked all those complaining to provide their username if they are confidence they have not committed fraud clicks, not all declined aside from one or two and from what I read there one of them that have been verified have been paid.
    Some of you derive pleasure in pulling others down, if you are innocent why did you not send him your username, you contradicted yourself in your post.
    Do you thing that if posting on nairaland can not have any effect on them it is your blog that will pull them down think again and go and start business that is the only way you will understand.
    I have keenly monitored adnetwork in Nigeria for a while now and those that could not tighten their server from people like you have gone out of business like addynamo and many others.

    1. Suddenly I realize you are the owner of the scam site defrauding bloggers. If people click their ads and they get banned that is okay..But why owe genuine publishers their money? Since 2015 till now, you have been defrauding Nigeria publishers, you collect money from advertisers and then fool them. This years will be your last cos I will use my last sweat to create awareness your scam site. You are very rude..I have called you so many times and it showed you are a fraud, you quick ends call with rude reply. I have forgotten the money you refuse to pay me but trust me your downfall is near.

    2. Who is that fool there commenting without his brain. How does username affect why you don't pay ur publishers. U are a very big fool for bringing up the username issue.. are u blind not to see the payment screenshot or is that fake...

      see how the customer care was even bragging about the stupid ad network with the publisher instead of being ashamed for always owing people...

      you can have a lot of advertisers, thats ur concern... but we hope that Nigerian bloggers will open their eyes to reject u guys....what is the essence of advertisers without publishers.....

      Type about alternative ad review online and see what people are saying....if people are trying to pull the ad network down, why is it that most people are talking negatively about it...

      Bloggers should always check reviews before using an ad network... Alternative is a BIG FRAUD.... I know many victims...shine ur eyes well

  4. You are promoting them thinking you are pulling them down, did you forget that you have not said that they don't deliver to their advertisers because that is what is important to advertisers, they need advertisers to survive not bloggers like yourself because they know they games and have strong hold on the major newspaper and blog sites.

    Maybe that is why they have more advertisers than any other adnetwork in Nigeria

    1. If you have advertisers and no publishers, how do you survive? Which of the newspapers and blog sites do they have major hold on? Majority of them are have removed their adverts from their sites. Besides, I published this post based on the information and facts gathered from the affected persons (bloggers). Advertisers can decide what they want to do and this post was not targeted at them.

    2. ITS A BIG LIE. Alternative ad does not have any advertisers sef...they should ashamed that. for like one month now they have been advertising only email marketing one. they dont have any advertisers...

      Adquet and NG adverts are far better than this stupid scam network... they have varieties of advertisers and also pay on time.

  5. Mazibo thanks for your post. I was gonna create a blog post and referring my audience to them...Your post just save my asss... I wonder if is legit. Have about $10 with then...Thanks for this post.

  6. God bless you for creating this post. I was about to create an account with them when I saw this. And the scammer still has the effrontery to comment on this post with his wack grammar.


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