Domainking Suspends My Domains For Suspicion Of Online Abuse

When Domainking went offline for some months, an update on their Facebook page indicated they were having technical issues as there have been mass abuse of their services. Some people have registered domains with fake names and are abusing the service to cause harm.

Domainking is back online and have put strict measures to ensure that no one abuse their services again. For the wrong reasons, two of my domains were found suspicious and put on hold as part of their security check.

I discovered from my dashboard that the domains were no longer active and marked as fraud. I wasn't informed about the hold on the two domains, so I had to send a message to them to find out why my domains have been marked as fraud.

Below is reply.

I can see that our abused tram have put your account on hold as they found it to be suspicious and we have to answer registry as well for all the abusive domains.

Please note that we are contacting you to inform you that your domains ********[dot]com[dot]ng and **********[dot]com[dot]ng with us has been flagged as suspicious as a part of our regular security check. We apply these measures to protect our services from being abused.

We have seen that the domain name which you have registered with us is much likely to be related to an online abuse.

So for these reasons we have put your domains on hold until you have verified your account with us. This is done as a security & protective measure to protect our servers & our services from being abused.

But you don't need to worry. This is simply an security check done as a measure to protect ourselves & our services from being abused.

We require a few details from your end for activation of this account we require following details:

1) ID Proof like Driver's License or Passport that matches your Contact Details on our website.
2) Address Proof like Phone/Electricity Bill with Address matching your Contact Details on our website.
3) Purpose of registering the mentioned domains.

Once you have verified these above details, your account will be verified & activated again. Also you will not be asked to verify your account details with us again.

We want to assist you in getting your account up and running again as soon as possible. But for now we have put your account on hold until you have verified the above details with us. So please get back to us with the required details as soon as possible.

Kindly also note that if we don't receive any response from your end to our request within 24 hours then we will be forced to suspend your account permanently as per our policies.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further queries or doubts.

Best Regards,

My next post is what steps I took to make sure the domains are unsuspended. 

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