Facebook Ad: Boosted Posts Now Reach People On Instagram

Facebook is really making advertising on it's platform more interesting as now boosted posts can reach people on Instagram. Unlike before, when you want to target Instagram audience, you will need to use ad manager or the Instagram app.

With this new development, you can now drive Instagram traffic to your blog from boosting a post on your Facebook page. For your boosted post to be shown to Instagram audience, the image of the post should have high resolution. You can read about image resolution requirement here.

Below is how it looks when trying to boost a post. If you don't want ad to be shown on Instagram, untick the box (Run promotion on Instagram).

This new feature will be good for those who love to run ads directly from their page. What do you think, make sense or not?

NB: Make you sure you have linked an Instagram account to your Facebook page. 

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  1. Hey this is truly very informative post. I have launched new blog and with the use of Instagram and facebook ads management I would also be promoting it to gain audience to it. If you have some more tips regarding it, please share here.


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