How To Use Gmail To Send Emails From Other Addresses

So some many of us that have different email addresses for different purposes may find it uneasy sometimes to access all at the same time. There is a limit to the number of browsers you can have on your computer. Therefore, it is a must to always sign out of an email account before signing into another.

Gmail has that feature that allows you send emails from your other addresses with one Gmail account. This means that you can use that Gmail account to send or receive emails from other addresses. First, to begin, you must add the other emails addresses to the main Gmail account you wish to use.

In the tutorial below, you will see how to add other emails addresses to a Gmail account to send or receive emails with it. 

==> Go to Settings.

==> Click on Accounts and Import. 

==> Click on Add another email address.

==> Input the Sign in details of the Email account you wish to add and click on Next Step.

==> You will be required to verify the email address you want to add. Click on Send Verification. 
 Sign in and copy the confirmation code sent.

==> Enter the confirmation code and click on Verify. 

==> Once the email address has been verified, it will appear among the list of email addresses. You can decide which you will make as default. Lastly, tick 'Reply from the same address the message was sent to.'

When you go to Compose and wish to send a new message, there you will have the option of choosing which email addresses you want to send from by clicking on the drop-down arrow. 

This process can be used to add Yahoomail, Hotmail, and even custom emails. If you follow the above steps closely, you should be able to add emails addresses to your Gmail and send or receive emails with it. 
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How To Blur Images And Texts Using MS Paint

There are some posts you will publish with screenshots having some vital information you need to hide. For instance, you are showing how to use certain online banking system with your account details, you will want to blur certain information like your account number, current balance, and statement.

It can be just any information you don't your readers to see in the post image. Some people may use brush with bold colors to block such details but it will make the screenshot look very unprofessional. It is better to blur the details you want to hide.

There are so many photo editing software that can blur images and texts but then if you don't have one, what will you do? You can use Microsoft Paint on your computer to blur images and texts. This is very possible.

==> Open the photo or screenshot with paint on your computer.

==> Click on Select on the Toolbar.

==> Use the mouse to draw an outline on the selected area you wish to blur.

==> Resize to the selected area, usually to a smaller pixel.

==> Use the mouse to drag the edge outward to cover the original size of the photo or screenshot.
That's all.

Watch video here on how to blur images and text using paint.
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GMass Lets You Send Email Campaigns Right From Your Gmail Account

Email marketing is one surest way to reach potential clients about your business. Most times, some people send marketing emails to people using their Gmail account, but with great caution. This so because Gmail program policies prohibit sending unsolicited commercial emails.

Have you ever wonder how you can use your Gmail account to send mass emails at once without violating Google terms and conditions? GMass lets you send email campaigns right from your Gmail account. GMass is a plugin for Gmail that turns your ordinary Gmail account into a powerful email marketing platform.

Features of GMass

* GMass uses the same compose window with Gmail.
* It allows you to schedule emails to be sent later.
* It has unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email so anyone that opt-out from receiving your emails.
* It allows you set automatic follow-up reminder emails to be sent until your recipient replies or opens.
* GMass breaks Gmail sending limit by allowing you send emails to more than 500 people at a time. You can read about other features on the website.

How Does GMass Work?

To be able to use GMass, the extension must be installed on chrome browser. It is not supported on other browsers. Go to www.gmass.co and click on Add GMass To Gmail. The extension will automatically be added to your browser after following the instruction prompt.

Connect GMass to Gmail. You must do this for it to work.

Allow GMass to access your Gmail account.

Once you have connected GMass to your Gmail account, you will have the option of testing it. GMass will provide you email addresses to send to as a test run. After that, you can start to send mass emails.

Warning: When sending mass emails, never make that mistake of clicking the Send button. Always use the red button which shows GMass. If you are sending normal regular email, then you can use the send button which is for your Gmail account.
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Contentmart.com: Marketplace To Hire Freelance Writers

With the rate at which blogs are created daily, one may begin to wonder how can high-quality content be published constantly. Most times, bloggers do experience writers' block and it becomes impossible to produced articles regularly. You tend to lose your audience when you stop giving them engaging and relevant information. In time, they will start going elsewhere to seek information.

In other to prevent the aforementioned incident, it may become necessary to hire freelancers who can write for you on specific topics. There exist platforms where you can hire freelance writers and one of such is Contentmart.com. Contentmart is a marketplace where you can hire qualified writers for writing jobs. It's a platform that connects freelance writers and business clients in need of content from all over the world. When you signup, you only need 3 basic steps to place your order.

Contentmart.com: Marketplace To Hire Qualified Writers

==> Go to the «New order» page
Visit the New Order tab once signed into your account.

==> Create & Post your order
Fill in the relevant details to attract top Contentmart talent.

==> Select your chosen writer
Browse the proposals carefully and find the right writer for your task.

Please note that majority of the writers on Contentmart are from Indians, only fewer Africans, and Americans. Click here to signup.
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Protecting Your Account Details When You Sell On Jiji.ng

Jiji.ng is one of Nigeria most popular classified website where you can easily sell your product and services to interested buyers. There are thousands of sellers on Jiji.ng spread across Nigeria. It is of the belief that buyers are more likely to fall for fraud on Jiji.ng as some sellers are scammers. But is that really so?

Anyone can be a victim of fraud whether a seller or a buyer. Nevertheless, Jiji has advanced security system in place that reduces the incident of fraud on their website. As a seller, you could be a victim to fraudsters. Hence, it is of vital importance that you are aware on how scammers try to defraud sellers on Jiji.

Remember that when you registered on the Jiji website, you provided certain details such as phone number and email address. Although jiji doesn't reveal your email and other personal information, your phone will available to the public so they can contact you if they want to buy your product or service.

Scammers will go to your profile and if it is seen that you seem to be a big seller, they will call you pretending to be a staff of Jiji.ng. The caller will pretend to be doing regular routine check on those sellers on Jiji to make sure everything is going well. Some scammers will tell you that they will like to start promoting your product on Jiji social media platform and that first, they must verify your details.

They will ask you for your full names, email address and any other phone number you use on Jiji. The fraudster will tell you to call the other phone number and so he send a code and you call the code for verification. He will tell you that he has sent the code but you will not receive any code. He will repeatedly tell you he has sent the code more again. Then, after that, he concludes that since your number can't be verified, jiji won't promote your product on their different social media platforms. Some scammers will threaten that jiji will deactivate your account since your number cannot be verified and then cut the call.

At this point, it is the mind game. The scammer wants you to call back and ask for a solution. It is there he will get more info from you to get access to your login details. Why do they need your login details? They are aware that most sellers use their debit cards to make payment for premium service on Jiji. Once they gain access to your account, they can use it to buy anything online they wish.

Please note that Jiji does call once in a while to know if you are enjoying their service. This is how to identify a true Jiji staff. He will never ask for your email address or login details. And lastly, if you attempt to call back the number and it rang just know it not a Jiji staff because nobody can call any number from Jiji except the one posted on their website which is 23414408363.
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Facebook Ad: How I Target Nigerians Living Abroad

Anyone familiar with Facebook ad will be aware that targeting some countries such as United States, Canada, Uk, and Australia will cost you more. African countries tend to have the lowest cost per post engagement when it comes to Facebook ad targeting. $5 spent on an ad campaign targeting countries in Africa will have far reach than targeting the United States alone with the same amount. But then what do you do when you want to reach certain nationals? For instance, you want Nigerians living abroad to see your ads.

Some might say just target the country you want them to see your ad. Truly, they might see your ad but will that be effective? Remember, Nigerians make a smaller portion of people in foreign countries they reside. Let say you target the United States, the probability that many Nigerians will see your ads will be slim, this is because the United States has more Americans and other immigrants.

So what you do if you want more of Nigerians living abroad to see your ad? At some point, I wanted that too. I wanted Nigerians in abroad to see my ads. I was marketing some assets here in Nigeria and I thought they might be interested in it.


I decided to experiment and put some dollars on Facebook ads. I chose some top tier countries that I know Nigerians love visiting or living there. I know Nigerians will always be interested in what is happening in their country as many have family, friends, and loved-ones back home.

Since Facebook allows you define your audience through demographic, interest and behavior, I simply choose pages related to Nigerians. This implies that when my ads are served to people in those foreign countries, only those who have shown interest or liked pages related to Nigeria or Nigerians will see them.

Did it work? Well, I realized my ads run for a longer duration since the budget didn't get exhausted on time. I received few messages from Nigerians from the targeted countries. They made inquiries and I am hoping to make at least a sale. Who knows? Lol. You can't force people to buy things.

You can as well try this method and see if it will work for you. Remember, I was marketing assets sold here in Nigeria. You can probably try that for any service you render and see what the feedback will be like.

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Finally I Switched To Emporio Theme

Ever since Blogger released four responsive new themes, I've been reluctant to use any of them for mazinoweb.com. While others were so quick to switch, I decided to take my time to get familiar with the new themes.

And finally, I decided to switch from my one-time Awesome template to Emporio. Out of the four new themes, I chose Emporio because of its beautiful grid layout. Although, Soho is also a grid theme the design is best for art related niche; what I feel though. The theme is responsive along with the other three but Emporio is just best fitting for my niche.

Well, it may take more time for many bloggers to switch to any of these four new responsive themes - first of its kind from blogger.  While working on the Emporio theme, I had to make some little alterations and modifications to suit my own taste.

In the future, I shall be sharing some tips on how to edit the Emporio theme to your style. One of the fantastic thing of these new themes is that you only need to add ad codes, widgets or scripts in one location to appear both in mobile view and web view. For instance, if you add Adsense code above the <data:post.body/>, the ad will appear below the post title on web and mobile.

Do you love the theme?
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InstaSaver Lets You Copy Text, Hashtags, Save Images And Videos From Instagram Posts To Your Phone

Sometimes when I post a video with a write-up on my Instagram page, some people do ask me to send the video and the text to them via WhatsApp so that they can also post it on their Instagram page. Sometimes, sending the video might not be easy if the network signal is weak and the recipient needs it urgently.

I do see interesting videos on Instagram which I download and save on my phone. I use the InstaSaver app. InstaSaver is the first app I have laid my hands on that allows me to copy text, hashtags, save images and videos from Instagram posts to my phone.

InstaSaver is very easy to use and the app is very light, size less than 1 MB. The most remarkable part is that new update on the app has profile picture and bio saver feature which means that you can download profile’s pictures and copy the bio. Sound good, not so?

Now you can copy those slay queen’s profile pix they refuse to upload on their page. Lol. I'm pretty sure copy and paste bloggers will so much love this app.


How To Use InstaSaver

=> Copy the Instagram post ‘Share URL'
=> Open the InstaSaver app and click on 'PASTE'
=> Choose to Save the image, Repost, Save video, Copy Hashtags. You can also choose to view profile pics and save the bio.

Do you know of other apps that allow one to copy text, hashtags, image, videos, profile picture and bio of an Instagram account to your phone? If yes, then share.

InstaSaver is now known as Saver on Playstore.

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NGAdverts Referral Service Lets You Earn When You Refer Advertisers And Publishers

There is no better time than now for NG Adverts to launch its referral service which allows bloggers and webmasters to earn when they refer publishers and advertisers. At a time when many Nigerian owned ad networks are scamming their publishers, NG Adverts have proven to be foremost and reliable Nigeria ad network for monetizing a website or blog content as an alternative to Google Adsense and other top ad networks.

How To Start Earning From NG Adverts Referral Program

Earning from Ng Adverts referral service is as easy as ABC. Yes, also easy as 123. Just log in to your NG Adverts account. On your dashboard, click on the Referral tab. There will you see different options of referral codes which are Referral URL, Referral Link, 728 x 90 banner and 300 x 250 banner.  Choose any of them and copy the codes to place on any site you own.

NG Adverts referral Program

For the referral URL, you can use social media for promotion. Just share it on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+. For the referral Link, you can promote it through blogs and forums that their comment box is HTML enabled. The 728 x 90 banner and 300 x 250 banner can be promoted by adding the codes to your blog or websites. These are just a few suggestions, you may have better ways.

NG Adverts referral Program

So, bloggers and webmasters, if you are currently using NG adverts to monetize your site or advertising on their platform, the referral service is one opportunity you should take advantage of.

NG Adverts referral commission is 15% for Advertisers and 5% for Publishers. This implies that when you refer an advertiser, you get 5% of the amount the advertiser spends on advertising on NG Adverts platform. When you refer a publisher you get 5% of the publisher's first earning when he reaches the payment threshold.

What do you think?
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