InstaSaver Lets You Copy Text, Hashtags, Save Images And Videos From Instagram Posts To Your Phone

Sometimes when I post a video with a write-up on my Instagram page, some people do ask me to send the video and the text to them via WhatsApp so that they can also post it on their Instagram page. Sometimes, sending the video might not be easy if the network signal is weak and the recipient needs it urgently.

I do see interesting videos on Instagram which I download and save on my phone. I use the InstaSaver app. InstaSaver is the first app I have laid my hands on that allows me to copy text, hashtags, save images and videos from Instagram posts to my phone.

InstaSaver is very easy to use and the app is very light, size less than 1 MB. The most remarkable part is that new update on the app has profile picture and bio saver feature which means that you can download profile’s pictures and copy the bio. Sound good, not so? Now you can copy those slay queen’s profile pix they refuse to upload on their page. Lol. I'm pretty sure copy and paste bloggers will so much love this app.


How To Use InstaSaver

=> Copy the Instagram post ‘Share URL'
=> Open the InstaSaver app and click on 'PASTE'
=> Choose to Save the image, Repost, Save video, Copy Hashtags. You can also choose to view profile pics and save the bio.

Do you know of other apps that allow one to copy text, hashtags, image, videos, profile picture and bio of an Instagram account to your phone? If yes, then share.

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