GMass Lets You Send Email Campaigns Right From Your Gmail Account

Email marketing is one surest way to reach potential clients about your business. Most times, some people send marketing emails to people using their Gmail account, but with great caution. This so because Gmail program policies prohibit sending unsolicited commercial emails.

Have you ever wonder how you can use your Gmail account to send mass emails at once without violating Google terms and conditions? GMass lets you send email campaigns right from your Gmail account. GMass is a plugin for Gmail that turns your ordinary Gmail account into a powerful email marketing platform.

Features of GMass

* GMass uses the same compose window with Gmail.
* It allows you to schedule emails to be sent later.
* It has unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email so anyone that opt-out from receiving your emails.
* It allows you set automatic follow-up reminder emails to be sent until your recipient replies or opens.
* GMass breaks Gmail sending limit by allowing you send emails to more than 500 people at a time. You can read about other features on the website.

How Does GMass Work?

To be able to use GMass, the extension must be installed on chrome browser. It is not supported on other browsers. Go to www.gmass.co and click on Add GMass To Gmail. The extension will automatically be added to your browser after following the instruction prompt.

Connect GMass to Gmail. You must do this for it to work.

Allow GMass to access your Gmail account.

Once you have connected GMass to your Gmail account, you will have the option of testing it. GMass will provide you email addresses to send to as a test run. After that, you can start to send mass emails.

Warning: When sending mass emails, never make that mistake of clicking the Send button. Always use the red button which shows GMass. If you are sending normal regular email, then you can use the send button which is for your Gmail account.

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  1. This is a really good feature. It would have been better if they allow other browsers or at least have it added to the Gmail app especially for mobile. Would this plugin work for mobile chrome browsers as well?


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