Gramblr Lets You Post On Instagram With A Computer

You can access Instagram on the web, comment and like posts with the use of a computer, but can't upload photos or videos. For now, Instagram doesn't support posting from the web. Although there are many web applications that allow you to post on Instagram with a PC, not all have a straight forward process.

Gramblr is a web application that allows you uploads photos and videos to Instagram when you use your computer. So, if you have ever wondered how to post on Instagram with a computer, Gramblr is one solution for that.

How To Use Gramblr To Post On Instagram

==> Visit gramblr.com/uploader/#home to download the application. After downloading and installing it, launch the application.

==> First of all, you should select your language. Default language setting is English.

==>  Fill all the required details and click Sign up.

==> Click on the any of the icons to upload a photo or video.

==>  Crop the image according to any size you want. Do this by moving the mouse from the top edge to the bottom.

==>  After cropping, click on Save.

==> You can decide to apply some filters to your photo, if you don't want to, click on Continue to proceed.

==> Enter the caption of your photo. You can decide to upload immediately or later. You can also tag an Instagram user to the photo. If you choose to post immediately, then click on Send.

==> Once your photo has been posted, you will see Upload Complete. Your photo will now appear in your Instagram profile.

With the process, you can upload videos to your Instagram profile. If you follow the above steps closely, you should be able to post photos and videos to Instagram using your computer.

It's is against Instagram TOS to use third-party apps to post on your profile. Your account can be deleted. 

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