I'm Now Into Real Estate, But As A Consultant For Now

This is shouldn't come as a surprise to those who follow me on social media that I have delved into real estate. For others, yes, I am now a real estate consultant. It has been so for some time now but I wanted to do so low key. But after considering several things, I decided to make a blog post about it.

Real Estate is the new gold mine whether as an investor or as a consultant. Real estate business is really profitable if you have the right information that will help you make the right decisions on property investment.

After understudying trends in the real estate market and making mistakes, I must say real estate consultancy isn't easy like so many other jobs. But it is also rewarding. The beauty of it is that it doesn't prevent you from doing a 9-5 job or other businesses and you can work from home or any location. You don't need to have a university degree on estate management to become a real estate consultant.

Why Become A Real Estate Consultant?

There is money in the business. I was told by those who were already in it. Seeing is believing and I saw with clear evidence how some consultants make nothing less than N450,000 weekly. At least, there are some I know who have made millions.

I am someone who likes exploring and love seeking for new opportunities. It hasn't been easy though, there have been disappointments. All that happened in the learning process. You learn from mistakes. But then, I have also tasted the real estate cash but yet, not on a bigger level compare to those who have been there for a longer period. It all about commitment and resilience.

How To Become A Real Estate Consultant

There are genuine real estate companies in Nigeria that pay you huge commission usually 20% maximum for sales of properties. This means that when you refer someone and he makes a purchase, you get paid. This is just like affiliate marketing but there is more to it. There are other incentives such as foreign trips, you can get free plot of land upon your performance and much more. If you really want to add more to current income, then this business is meant for you.

Send me a WhatsApp message on +234810579214 to know how you can start.
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How I Added Adsense In-Feed Ad To Emporio Theme

Google Adsense in-feed are ads that flow naturally inside a list of articles or products on your site, offering a great user experience. This is usually added to the homepage of your blog. In-feed ads in this context don't mean ads appearing in your RSS feed but in between content block.

Blogger has a limitation when it comes to adding in-feed ads. Many on the platform have tried to devise means of adding it to their blog. Well, the tutorial below shows how I added Adsense in-feed ads to my blog.

==> Sign into your blogger dashboard at blogger.com.

==> Go to Theme > Edit HTML.

==> Search for the following codes and replace it with your parsed in-feed codes.

<b:include cond='data:post.adNumber lt 3' data='post' name='super.inlineAd'/>

Two of such codes exist on Emporio theme. Replace it with the second one.

==> Save theme

The in-feed ad appears between the content block of my blog as seen in the screenshot below.

Adsense recommends that in-feed ad appears after every three content block. So in order to make this possible, I went to the blog post gadget and configured ads between posts and after every 3 posts.

That's all.
In-feed ads have better user experience on list style themes so that's why I made my Emporio theme this way.
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Before You Choose A Domain Name Registrar

A domain name registrar is also known as a domain host. So when asked where did you host your domain name? It simply means where did you register your domain name. If your domain name is for business, then you must take into consideration your domain name registrar. The first step in securing and protecting a good domain name starts with the domain name registrar.

Domain Name Registrar

Therefore, before you choose a domain host, carefully examine the following:


Always check if the domain host is accredited by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). ICANN is an international non-profit organization that creates contracts and regulations for domain registrars to follow. Even if the domain name registrar is a reseller, do make sure they are accredited with a domain registry. If your domain name is not important to you, then you can ignore the domain host accreditation.

Contract Duration

Most domain hosts offer domain name registration on a yearly basis. This implies that you can register your domain name for one year, two years or even five years. You can get a discount if you register your domain name for a longer period. But do note that if you register a domain name for more than a year, you won't get a refund if you decide to switch registrar in the future. If you are not sure of the domain host reputation, never commit to a long term registration.

Payment Methods

A good domain host should have a flexible payment system that allows anyone to easily pay for a domain name. Most domain name registrars accept payments from PayPal, credit/debit cards, bank deposit and check.


The cost for domain name registration, renewal, transfer, webmail, whois protection etc may differ from one domain name registrar to another. While some may offer some of those services for free, others may charge for it. Do note that a domain host offering cheaper services doesn't make it more reliable than others whose services aren't that cheap.  Most registrars use low-cost service to attract customers and in the long run, don't offer good service.

Always check the cost of renewing the domain name. Some registrars may offer you cheap domain name registration for the first year and charge you exorbitantly for renewal.

Transfer Fee

For some reasons, you may want to transfer your domain name to another registrar in the future and so, therefore, before making that first payment to register your domain name, always check their transfer policy. Some registrar may not allow 'transfer out'. Some may charge to 'transfer out' and some may not. But you will be charged to 'transfer in', as this will cover the cost for one year registration.

Customer Support

This is one very vital aspect you shouldn't overlook. As a first time user, you may not know about their customer service, therefore always go online and find out what others are saying about them. Also, ask friends and business colleagues who may be using them too. Some domain host has responsive customer support. Make sure you choose one that is very easy to contact by any of the provided communication channels.

Additional Services

Your main aim is to register a domain name but yet, check for other services rendered by the domain host. Such services may include web hosting, SEO, marketing, web design, affiliate program etc.

It always very important to read the fine print. That 'submit' or 'agree' button is a legal binding that you agree to the terms and conditions, guidelines and policies of the domain host. Carefully read that, else you may later find out that what you expected is not what you want.  Understand it very well so that you won't lose your domain name in the future or spend what you never expected.
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How To Choose A Good Domain Name

Domains names are just like the women, the ones you love must have been taken. There are over 200 million registered domain names in the world. Some people registered good domain names and keep them to sell later while others use them for their business. A domain name is like your business identity card. Many customers will search for your business online. That is why you need to be careful when you want to choose a domain name for your business.

If you intend to have a very powerful domain name, then consider the following points below.


No matter the language of your choice or audience, they must surely spell your domain name in order to type it into the address bar. If your domain name is very difficult to spell, you will be missing a lot of web traffic.


A good domain name should be easy for people to pronounce. This part is very vital. Some domain names may have a pronunciation that has different spellings. Sonytunes.com and sunnytunes.com have the same pronunciation. Though they have different spellings, this will surely confused people when they hear someone mention your domain name to their hearing.

 Hyphens And Numbers

Because a domain name you need is not available, you may be tempted to add use hyphens and numbers. There are many domain names with hyphens and numbers but they often confuse people. In order to stick with .com, some may decide to use something like mazino-web.com or use mazinoweb20.com. Those domain names are not really better except you want to use them for a nonserious purpose. Always use only letters for a domain name.


Your domain name should be your brand name. If your business name is ABChelp, your domain name should such name. And if you have registered a good domain name before starting your business, you can use that domain name for your business name. Another thing is, your domain name should tell people what your brand is all about. Any right-thinking person ought to know that abcdomains.com should be about domain topics even if he hasn't visited the site for once. The domain name should be a clue of what the site is about.


It is very vital that to check if the domain name you intend registering is not used by a company and anyone has trademarked it. This is necessary to avoid legal issues in the future and not to forfeit your domain name.

Social Media

One thing I always do before I register a domain name is to check if the social media names and usernames are available. Having a domain name with the same social media names gives your brand a solid online presence and retains your fans, customers, and visitors.

It better you get it right once and for all when choosing a domain name than changing it later and after discovering the domain name is not brandable and not powerful enough to suit your business needs or personal goals.
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Before You Register A Domain Name: A Beginner's Guide

After making up your mind to buy a domain for your business or personal use, the question that comes next is, where do I register the domain name? Even after so many years of buying domain names, I often still ask myself where am I going to register my next domain? This is so because there are so many domain registrars and some are more reliable than others. Remember that your domain registrar is your domain host.

In registering a domain name, you will often encounter terms like registrar, registry, and registrant.

Domain Name Registrar

A domain name registrar is a company or organization accredited by a domain name registry to sell domain names to the public. An accredited domain name registrar may have the ability to sell both top-level domain names (TLDs) like .com, .net, .org and country-code top-level domain names (ccTLDs) like .ng, .uk, .us.

Domain Name Registry

A domain name registry is an organization that creates and manages domain name extensions which are usually top-level domains or country-code top-level domain names. A domain name registry partners with a domain name registrar to sell those domains extensions. For example, The Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA) is the registry for .ng internet domain names and maintains the database of all registered .ng domain names.

Domain Name Registrant

A domain name registrant is me, you and any other person or company that registers a domain name under a registrar. Upon registration of a domain name, the registrar sends details of the registrant to the registry of that domain name extension. For instance, if I registered a .ng domain name, my registrar will send my information to NIRA being owners of .ng domains.

As a registrant, you shouldn't bother much about the registry but rather the registrar. There are so many domain registrars in the world. Some companies may offer domain name registration but they are resellers. Resellers are third-party companies that offer domain name registration services through an accredited registrar.

Which are the most reliable domain name registrars? The answers lie in the services they render which include their terms and conditions. In the long run, I will be writing on different ones I have tested. But then, the decision to choose a domain name registrar lies in you.
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What Is Subdomain And Custom Domain?

If you already know what domain name is, then it will be easier to grasp and understand what a subdomain is. You must have seen web addresses such example.blogspot.com or example.wordpress.com. These are subdomains.

The Domain Name System (DNS) usually begin the elements of a domain from the right to the left. For instance, in the web address socialmedia.mazinoweb.com, the .com is the first level domain, mazinoweb is the second level domain and socialmedia is the third level domain usually known as subdomains.

Mazinoweb.com a root domain. There are so many organizations that register a domain name and allow users create subdomains with their root domain. In this case, you are getting a free domain name but it a subdomain. If you are about starting a website or a blog, and you don't have money to buy a custom domain name or not ready to have one yet, you can decide to start with a subdomain and later upgrade. There are many sites that allow building a website or blog using their root domain.

Custom domain is that unique branded name for your website, eg mazinoweb.com is a custom domain. Custom domains are also referred to as vanity URLs. When you have your own custom domain, you can also have a customized email address. Almost all domain registrars offer email services either free or paid so you can create an email address having your domain name. Eg business@mazinoweb.com.

After buying a domain name and setting up your website, you can also have a subdomain from your domain name. For example, you might have an e-commerce site and you also want the site to have a blog, this is where you need a subdomain. It will appear like blog.mazinoweb.com. This makes it easier for users to find and access the content and also still stick to your brand name. Once you've got a domain name, you don't need to register another one to create a subdomain for it. 
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A Beginner's Guide To Domain Hosting And Web Hosting

If you already know what a domain name is, then hosting a domain won't be difficult to understand. The first step to owning a website is to get a domain name. Once the domain name is ready, you need a host.

Domain hosting and web hosting may look similar but they are different services. A domain host offers your domain name place on their server so that users can access your website address on the internet. Remember that your domain name is your website address. Your domain host is your domain registrar. For example, mazinoweb.com has a domain host and it is where I registered the domain name.

A web host provides your website that space for storing your content, files such as images and videos so that they are accessible when users visit your web address which is your domain name. For people to access your website, you need a web hosting service.

A domain name is like a registered business name. Let assume I rent a store for my business. My business name is Mazinoweb. For me to carry out my business and customers to have access to my services they must come to my store. The store can be likened to a host. Without that store, my business won't have a physical place to interact with customers.

How To Get A Web Host

There are many web hosting companies in the world that provide both domain hosting and web hosting. Some of these companies provide both services. Unlike when you register a domain name that you pay yearly, web hosting can be paid monthly but depends on the web hosting provider.
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A Beginner's Guide To Domain Name

Domain or domain names are often used interchangeably. For a beginner, to understand what a domain is and how it works, then you should read on. A Domain name is a web address and not a website. A domain name is that web address internet people use to access a website. Therefore, without a domain name whether a custom domain or subdomain, a website won't exist.

For instance, mazinoweb.com is a domain name which is the web address of this blog. Without the domain name, Mazinoweb won't be live on the internet. Therefore, the first step in setting up a web page is to get a domain name.

How To Get A Domain Name

To get a domain name, you must register it with a domain name registrar. Domain registrar is an accredited company that sells domain names to the public. There are many domain names registrars in the world with the mandate to sell top-level domain names (TLDs) like .com, .net, and .org or country-code top-level domain names (ccTLDs) such as .ng, .uk, and .us. Registering a domain name means you are buying the domain name. Domain names registration is yearly and must be renewed annually if one wants to continue using it.

Just like phone numbers in which only one person is entitled to a set of digits, you can't have the same domain name with someone else. What this means is, for instance, no one else can have mazinoweb.com since it has been registered. Nevertheless, there can be mazinoweb.com.ng but the dot org will never be available to anyone else. 

If a domain name has been registered, does it mean a website can now be found on the internet? The answer is no. In setting up your website, you will need a host. A subsequent post will discuss what a domain and web host is. 
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GTBank Removes $100 Spending Limitation On Its Naira Mastercard

Before now, GTBank Mastercard can be used to make payment not exceeding $100 a month for international transactions. But the good news is, the bank has lifted such limitation. You can now spend up to $1000 a month on foreign transactions.

GTB still has a restriction on international withdrawal with its Naira Mastercard. This means you can't use the Naira debit card to withdraw money abroad. For those who don't have a dollar card, and want to spend above $100 a month, you should also be aware of the charges in naira. You can contact the bank for their current exchange rate.

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You Can Edit Your Instagram profile From Your Facebook Page

If have switched your Instagram profile into a business account, and it is linked to a Facebook page, then it is very much possible to edit the Instagram profile right from the Facebook page. Remember that, without switching to a business profile on Instagram you can't advertise on the platform.

To edit Instagram account details from Facebook Page is very easy. Go Pages Settings.

==> Click on Instagram.

==> Click on Edit. Add or delete whatever you wish to change from your Instagram account details and click Save. That's all.

NB: This feature won't appear on your page if your Instagram account isn't linked to your page. You cannot change your username, category, or private information on the page. You can only do so directly from your Instagram account.
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