How I Added Adsense In-Feed Ad To Emporio Theme

Google Adsense in-feed are ads that flow naturally inside a list of articles or products on your site, offering a great user experience. This is usually added to the homepage of your blog. In-feed ads in this context don't mean ads appearing in your RSS feed but in between content block.

Blogger has a limitation when it comes to adding in-feed ads. Many on the platform have tried to devise means of adding it to their blog. Well, the tutorial below shows how I added Adsense in-feed ads to my blog.

==> Sign into your blogger dashboard at blogger.com.

==> Go to Theme > Edit HTML.

==> Search for the following codes and replace it with your parsed in-feed codes.

<b:include cond='data:post.adNumber lt 3' data='post' name='super.inlineAd'/>

Two of such codes exist on Emporio theme. Replace it with the second one.

==> Save theme

The in-feed ad appears between the content block of my blog as seen in the screenshot below.

Adsense recommends that in-feed ad appears after every three content block. So in order to make this possible, I went to the blog post gadget and configured ads between posts and after every 3 posts.

That's all.
In-feed ads have better user experience on list style themes so that's why I made my Emporio theme this way.


  1. Nice Tutorial sir...I would see if i can Implement it on my Blog..I would like to know how you added your related posts widget to your Emporio template...

  2. Wow... Nice tutorial but, I use another method on My Entertainment blog but, I'm using Lumia phone to blog so I couldn't edit my blog's template. So, I used an alternative way which the ads will only show in between new contents only.


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