Before You Register A Domain Name: A Beginner's Guide

After making up your mind to buy a domain for your business or personal use, the question that comes next is, where do I register the domain name? Even after so many years of buying domain names, I often still ask myself where am I going to register my next domain? This is so because there are so many domain registrars and some are more reliable than others. Remember that your domain registrar is your domain host.

In registering a domain name, you will often encounter terms like registrar, registry, and registrant.

Domain Name Registrar

A domain name registrar is a company or organization accredited by a domain name registry to sell domain names to the public. An accredited domain name registrar may have the ability to sell both top-level domain names (TLDs) like .com, .net, .org and country-code top-level domain names (ccTLDs) like .ng, .uk, .us.

Domain Name Registry

A domain name registry is an organization that creates and manages domain name extensions which are usually top-level domains or country-code top-level domain names. A domain name registry partners with a domain name registrar to sell those domains extensions. For example, The Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA) is the registry for .ng internet domain names and maintains the database of all registered .ng domain names.

Domain Name Registrant

A domain name registrant is me, you and any other person or company that registers a domain name under a registrar. Upon registration of a domain name, the registrar sends details of the registrant to the registry of that domain name extension. For instance, if I registered a .ng domain name, my registrar will send my information to NIRA being owners of .ng domains.

As a registrant, you shouldn't bother much about the registry but rather the registrar. There are so many domain registrars in the world. Some companies may offer domain name registration but they are resellers. Resellers are third-party companies that offer domain name registration services through an accredited registrar.

Which are the most reliable domain name registrars? The answers lie in the services they render which include their terms and conditions. In the long run, I will be writing on different ones I have tested. But then, the decision to choose a domain name registrar lies in you.


  1. Hi Mazino... This is quite an undefeated article on registering a custom domain.

    This guide is fantastic. But I can't find a recommendation for where to register a domain as a newbie.

    Should they go for namecheap, bluehost or domainking? This will be a nice addition

    1. The title of the post says it all. It is a beginner's guide. And this is not the end of the blog. Subsequent posts will talk about various damain name registrars. I said that on the last paragraph of this post. Thanks for stopping by.

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