A Beginner's Guide To Domain Hosting And Web Hosting

If you already know what a domain name is, then hosting a domain won't be difficult to understand. The first step to owning a website is to get a domain name. Once the domain name is ready, you need a host.

Domain hosting and web hosting may look similar but they are different services. A domain host offers your domain name place on their server so that users can access your website address on the internet. Remember that your domain name is your website address. Your domain host is your domain registrar. For example, mazinoweb.com has a domain host and it is where I registered the domain name.

A web host provides your website that space for storing your content, files such as images and videos so that they are accessible when users visit your web address which is your domain name. For people to access your website, you need a web hosting service.

A domain name is like a registered business name. Let assume I rent a store for my business. My business name is Mazinoweb. For me to carry out my business and customers to have access to my services they must come to my store. The store can be likened to a host. Without that store, my business won't have a physical place to interact with customers.

How To Get A Web Host

There are many web hosting companies in the world that provide both domain hosting and web hosting. Some of these companies provide both services. Unlike when you register a domain name that you pay yearly, web hosting can be paid monthly but depends on the web hosting provider.

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