How To Choose A Good Domain Name

Domains names are just like the women, the ones you love must have been taken. There are over 200 million registered domain names in the world. Some people registered good domain names and keep them to sell later while others use them for their business. A domain name is like your business identity card. Many customers will search for your business online. That is why you need to be careful when you want to choose a domain name for your business.

If you intend to have a very powerful domain name, then consider the following points below.


No matter the language of your choice or audience, they must surely spell your domain name in order to type it into the address bar. If your domain name is very difficult to spell, you will be missing a lot of web traffic.


A good domain name should be easy for people to pronounce. This part is very vital. Some domain names may have a pronunciation that has different spellings. Sonytunes.com and sunnytunes.com have the same pronunciation. Though they have different spellings, this will surely confused people when they hear someone mention your domain name to their hearing.

 Hyphens And Numbers

Because a domain name you need is not available, you may be tempted to add use hyphens and numbers. There are many domain names with hyphens and numbers but they often confuse people. In order to stick with .com, some may decide to use something like mazino-web.com or use mazinoweb20.com. Those domain names are not really better except you want to use them for a nonserious purpose. Always use only letters for a domain name.


Your domain name should be your brand name. If your business name is ABChelp, your domain name should such name. And if you have registered a good domain name before starting your business, you can use that domain name for your business name. Another thing is, your domain name should tell people what your brand is all about. Any right-thinking person ought to know that abcdomains.com should be about domain topics even if he hasn't visited the site for once. The domain name should be a clue of what the site is about.


It is very vital that to check if the domain name you intend registering is not used by a company and anyone has trademarked it. This is necessary to avoid legal issues in the future and not to forfeit your domain name.

Social Media

One thing I always do before I register a domain name is to check if the social media names and usernames are available. Having a domain name with the same social media names gives your brand a solid online presence and retains your fans, customers, and visitors.

It better you get it right once and for all when choosing a domain name than changing it later and after discovering the domain name is not brandable and not powerful enough to suit your business needs or personal goals.

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