I'm Now Into Real Estate, But As A Consultant For Now

This is shouldn't come as a surprise to those who follow me on social media that I have delved into real estate. For others, yes, I am now a real estate consultant. It has been so for some time now but I wanted to do so low key. But after considering several things, I decided to make a blog post about it.

Real Estate is the new gold mine whether as an investor or as a consultant. Real estate business is really profitable if you have the right information that will help you make the right decisions on property investment.

After understudying trends in the real estate market and making mistakes, I must say real estate consultancy isn't easy like so many other jobs. But it is also rewarding. The beauty of it is that it doesn't prevent you from doing a 9-5 job or other businesses and you can work from home or any location. You don't need to have a university degree on estate management to become a real estate consultant.

Why Become A Real Estate Consultant?

There is money in the business. I was told by those who were already in it. Seeing is believing and I saw with clear evidence how some consultants make nothing less than N450,000 weekly. At least, there are some I know who have made millions.

I am someone who likes exploring and love seeking for new opportunities. It hasn't been easy though, there have been disappointments. All that happened in the learning process. You learn from mistakes. But then, I have also tasted the real estate cash but yet, not on a bigger level compare to those who have been there for a longer period. It all about commitment and resilience.

How To Become A Real Estate Consultant

There are genuine real estate companies in Nigeria that pay you huge commission usually 20% maximum for sales of properties. This means that when you refer someone and he makes a purchase, you get paid. This is just like affiliate marketing but there is more to it. There are other incentives such as foreign trips, you can get free plot of land upon your performance and much more. If you really want to add more to current income, then this business is meant for you.

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