What Is Subdomain And Custom Domain?

If you already know what domain name is, then it will be easier to grasp and understand what a subdomain is. You must have seen web addresses such example.blogspot.com or example.wordpress.com. These are subdomains.

The Domain Name System (DNS) usually begin the elements of a domain from the right to the left. For instance, in the web address socialmedia.mazinoweb.com, the .com is the first level domain, mazinoweb is the second level domain and socialmedia is the third level domain usually known as subdomains.

Mazinoweb.com a root domain. There are so many organizations that register a domain name and allow users create subdomains with their root domain. In this case, you are getting a free domain name but it a subdomain. If you are about starting a website or a blog, and you don't have money to buy a custom domain name or not ready to have one yet, you can decide to start with a subdomain and later upgrade. There are many sites that allow building a website or blog using their root domain.

Custom domain is that unique branded name for your website, eg mazinoweb.com is a custom domain. Custom domains are also referred to as vanity URLs. When you have your own custom domain, you can also have a customized email address. Almost all domain registrars offer email services either free or paid so you can create an email address having your domain name. Eg business@mazinoweb.com.

After buying a domain name and setting up your website, you can also have a subdomain from your domain name. For example, you might have an e-commerce site and you also want the site to have a blog, this is where you need a subdomain. It will appear like blog.mazinoweb.com. This makes it easier for users to find and access the content and also still stick to your brand name. Once you've got a domain name, you don't need to register another one to create a subdomain for it. 

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