Top Web Hosting Companies In The World

When you have a good web host, you are assured of having less technical problems with your website. Your web host regularly takes charge of your website’s files and makes it accessible when users visit your domain name.

There are many web hosting companies in the world. Some of these web hosting companies also provide domain name registration?. Although, their main service is web hosting, yet they register domain names.

Many of these top web hosting companies provide various services such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting, and reseller hosting.  If you are interested in knowing the best web hosting companies in the world, then the list provided might just be what you need.

Mazinoweb.com does not endorse any of these listed web hosting companies. You should go online to read reviews about them. The more positive reviews you read about any of these hosts, the easier it is for you to choose which to host your website.

Do you know of any other ones that are better but not mentioned in this post? if yes, you can tell us by leaving your comment.
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Top Web Hosting Companies In Nigeria

Are you are starting a new blog or website, or you are not satisfied with your current web host and you want to move to another one? Most webmasters have faced the situation where their site often go offline as a result of server downtime from their web hosting company.

No matter what, server downtime is bent to happen once in a blue moon. But when it becomes regular, what do you do? It is time to say goodbye to your present host and search for a more reliable one.

It has been advised that you choose a hosting company in your country and as such, Nigeria webmasters will definitely want to know which web hosting company is better. There are many web hosting companies in Nigeria that provide various services such as web hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, reseller hosting and also domain name registration.

If you want to host your blog or website with any Nigeria web hosting company, then you may consider the list below.

This list doesn't mean I am endorsing any of them. You should visit their websites, compare their products and services. You are also free to go online to read reviews about them. At the time of publishing this post, they are the best top web hosting companies in Nigeria. If you know of any other ones, you can tell us by leaving your comment below.
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Why You Need The Same Username For All Social Media Accounts

Thinking of social media marketing or building a new brand with social media? If so or there is more to that, then you definitely going to start building your social accounts.

Many of us created social media accounts for communication but it has evolved beyond that. A few years ago, Facebook for more like a fun social networking site. We come online daily, post and then wait for our friends to like and comment. We make new friends from different parts of the world.

Today, there is a whole new aspect to social media and which business owners have come to leverage. Your business needs online and offline marketing channels. In fact, there are more customers for your business on social media.

If after making your marketing strategies and social media is inclusive, how then do you start? First thing is to create a social media account whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. It takes less than five minutes to create a social account but while doing so there are certain things you need to consider; your brand and your audience.

You have a name and someone else may be bearing the same name with you. But how do they differentiate you and the other person when yours or his name is mentioned. Probably your surname or maybe your business.

If you desire to have your brand name on your customer's mind irrespective of the social networking site they can use to reach you, then using the same username for all of them is a must. It is not a choice, it is mandatory.

Imagine, that your brand name is Domain Dome, and you created a social media account for it. Your Facebook username is different from the Twitter and Instagram account but although all have the same page name. How does it sound?

Well, in some cases while creating a social media account for your brand, you may discover that the username must have been taken. That true, I have encountered that several times. But this is another reason why you need to consider social media account username when thinking of a name for your brand. But if then, your brand has long been existing before your decided to create social networking pages and you find out that someone else is using it, what can do you?

Most of this social networking sites have infringement and trademark policies which can help you claim an existing username for your brand. But it is not easy. There are criterias deemed for claiming an existing social media account.

I love using the same username for all my social media accounts. It is easier for people to find me when they can’t spell my full names. There can be other Mazino in this world. Hence, by searching for mazinoweb which is usually my username, you can be 100% sure you are reaching me. This is the same thing other top global brands do. If you are serious about your business on social media, you will make sure that you use the same username name in all the social media platforms available to you.
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Top Domain Name Registrars In The World

Are you into domain investing or you need a domain for your business website or personal blog? Whatever your need is, choosing a good domain name registrar will be what you should think of for that domain name you have in mind.

Popular domain name registrars

There are many domain name registrars in the world and many of them provide other services like web hosting, website building, and reseller program. There are web hosting companies that allow you register your domain name with them if you buy a hosting plan. Most times, they have been classified as domain name registrars but nonetheless, they are well known for their hosting services.

The companies known for domain name registrations are those that own a larger portion of the domain market. They have millions of registered domain names in their database. They specialized more on domain names even if they provide other services like the web hosting companies do.

Here are the world top domain name registrars who have been in business for a long time and are currently controlling the domain market. These domain names registrars are ICANN accredited.
This list is was compiled based on their popularity, online reviews, and other domain services they offer. In subsequent posts, I will be talking about what you need to know about these listed domain name registrars and those not on this list.
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Top Domain Name Registrars In Nigeria

Your domain name is your business identity. It is more than just a website address. Therefore, a serious business owner would be very careful when choosing a domain name registrar. A reliable registrar is not determined because of cheap domain names registration. There are lots more to consider before when choosing a registrar.

Being a Nigerian webmaster or blogger, you may probably at one point feel like registering a domain name with a domain name registrar in Nigeria. If that is so, you may also wonder which domain name registrar in Nigeria is trusted and reliable.

There are many domain name registrars in Nigeria and some provide other services such as web hosting, website design, software application development, etc. For the sake of this post, we will be dwelling on domain name registration. The list below is the top domain name registrars in Nigeria and they are all accredited by Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA).








There are over 60 companies in Nigeria accredited to provide domain name registration but the ones listed above are the top providers. Domainking is leading domain name registrar in Nigeria. I recommend Domainking any daytime, anytime for domain name registration. Some of these companies don't have their main office in Nigeria such as Domainking but they control and lead domain business in Nigeria.
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Where To Register Free Domain Name

A free domain name will cost you zero buck to register. The domain name registrar hosts your domain name for free. Who doesn’t love free things when they come without any hidden charges? Have you ever wonder why a domain name registrar offers the public free domain name registration?

When it comes to free domain names, there are few things you need to realize. Just imagine you wanted to move your free domain out of your current host but you are not permitted to do so? Yes, that is what some free domain name registrars do. You can only remain with them and can’t move out.

There are other companies that offer free domain name registration but they provide web hosting services which you must buy in order to get a free domain. For example, when you buy a hosting plan from Bluehost, you get a free domain name. If you are no more interested in hosting your domain name with Bluehost, you can transfer it out to another domain name registrar. I am not a fan of free domain names. It better to pay for your domain name and be in full control.

Many of the registrars offering free domains names give you second levels domain. One of such is dot tk (yoursite.tk). There is a lot of downside in using such domains. Such domains names don’t usually get good search engine ranking. They are not brandable as most advertisers don’t  take them seriously. They as often seen as spam sites.

So before you opt in for free domain name registration, think about what you plan to achieve with it. Think of the future more than the immediate benefits.
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What If Your Domain Name Got Stolen

Domain theft is happening in the world of domains and is becoming more rampant than ever before. People steal domain names that have good market value. Some domain names are worth millions of dollars. A domain thief or hacker will steal a domain name for the sole aim of selling it to another person or ask for huge ransom to give it back to you, and some will redirect it to another website.

What if your domain name got stolen from you despite all the security measures you put in place to protect it from hijackers. First, there are certain things you need to understand about domain name ownership. If your domain name expires because you fail to renew it, and someone else bought it, that is not a domain theft. If you think it is, then it's called legal domain theft. That is why you should never allow your domain to expire.

If you found out that your domain name has been taken away from you by a hijacker even though it is yet to expire, then you should make effort to get it back. It is not going to be easy. You may succeed and you may not. But it is better to try and than not to try.

The first step take is to take when someone steals your domain name is to find how did it happen. Most domain name hijacking is as a result of hacking into the administrative email for that domain control panel. A hijacker will know the administrative email address for that domain name which is usually available on whois if you haven’t gotten whois privacy. Once he knows the email, he tries all means to hack into it, so that when he initiates a domain transfer, he can easily authorize it when a domain transfer authorization message is sent to the email.

What should this teach you? That you should secure your email account. That is why you should use a two-step (two-factor) authentication if available for both your email and domain control panel. And if possible use a whois privacy for your domain name.

If your domain name has been stolen, change the password of your email address and that of your domain name CPanel. This is just damage control as the harm has already been done. But it prevents further harm if you have other domain names.

After doing all of that, contact your registrar. Some registrars are ever willing to help than others. That is why before choosing a domain name registrar, you should know more about their customer support and also if they are reliable and trusted.

Some domain names are also stolen as a result of backend hijacking of the registrar but whatever the situation that must have caused the hijacking, you should make sure your registrar is aware. Give them relevant details and complete any necessary paperwork provided. You should file a police report if the theft took place within your country. But if the theft took outside your country, contact a domain name attorney who will be in a better position to give the best advice.

The main aim of domain thief is to sell the domain name, so you should set up Google alert for that your domain name so that anywhere it is mentioned, you will be notified. If it has been listed for sale, contact the auction site with proof that it is a stolen domain name. You can contact domain bloggers to help you publicize that the domain name has been stolen and shouldn’t be bought.

Like I said earlier, getting back your domain name won’t be easy. Some registrars may refuse to transfer back your domain. I believe these registrars do harbor domain thieves because I see no reason why a domain shouldn’t be returned when it has been proven to be a stolen property. If your registrar can’t help to recover your domain name as a result of the other registrar unwilling to cooperate, then you should follow what is written on ICANN registrar transfer dispute resolution policy. Read it carefully as it may help in getting back your domain name but that is if you have registered your name with an ICANN accredited registrar.

Prevention is better than cure. Don’t wait till your domain name is stolen before you learn how to protect it.
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How To Protect Your Domain Name

Domain names are valuable assets that can be stolen. Just like any other valuable property your domain name can be on hijackers radar. Hijackers need your domain name for various reasons. If value your domains name, then you have a lot of security measures to put in place so you don’t lose it.

These steps below can aid you to secure your domain name from hijackers

Secure Your Email Account

When you register a domain name, your registrant email appears in the whois record. Domain hijackers and unethical domainers will look at this to know who owns the domain name. If you don’t use whois privacy, your email will be available to the public. You may start receiving unsolicited messages on that email address with malicious links that once you click on it, they get access to your login details. Boom! Once your email password is gotten, bye bye to your domain name. With your email, what a hijacker simply does is to do password recovery on the domain name registrar website, get the password recovery link which will be sent to your email address, create a new password and transfer your domain to another registrar. This is the reason you use a strong password with a combination of alphabets, numbers, and symbols. And never respond to an email that appears phishing or requesting for your domain name details. If you are using a free email, make sure you regularly log in to get it active, so your provider don’t delete it and you lose complete access to it.

Register The Domain Name In Your Name Or Business Name

Many who are not savvy with the use of the internet usually hire someone to handle domain name registrations and web hosting for them. It better to learn do these things yourself, but if you can’t, make sure you hire a trusted person. You should also make sure the domain name is registered with your name or business name along with your contacts. You can use the whois tool to look up whose details are appearing in the administrative and registrant contact. Your domain name is your property so it should be in your name. You can’t claim right to a property that has someone else name as the owner.

Never Allow Your Domain Name To Expire

Domainers (those who specializes in buying and selling domains) keep track of good domain names. Many don’t mind buying a domain name once it expires to sell back to the previous owner at an exorbitant price. Hijackers may not even sell it but rather redirect it to another site. No one needs to explain the consequences of this to you. Your visitors, customers, and traffic will be going elsewhere. To prevent this from happening always make sure your domain name doesn’t expire. You should register the domain name for a longer period, maybe for five years if you are satisfied with your current domain name registrar.

Enable Domain Lock

Before any domain name can be transferred to another registrar, the domain lock must be disabled. Locking your domain name prevents unauthorized changes and transfer. Some domain name registrars have two-step verification feature that when enabled, prevent anyone from accessing your account except a code sent to your phone as a text message is provided.

Choose A Good Domain Name Registrar

Do not be deceived by cheap domain name registration but rather go for good service. If any domain name registrar doesn’t have registrar lock feature, transfer your domain name to another one that has it. Make sure you choose a registrar that is much concern about the security of your domain than the cheap service they are offering you.

Keep Your Registration Contact information Accurate

It is a requirement from ICANN that all registrants keep their information accurate, as this way ownership of a domain name can be verified. If you receive an email from your registrar requesting to verify your account information and make sure they are accurate, please do, so you do not lose your domain. This email is usually sent on a yearly basis. Make sure the administrative, technical, registrant and billing contact are always accurate so you can always receive information concerning your account. If they are not, you won’t know when changes are made on your account and before you realize it, your domain is gone.

Login To Your Domain Registrar Website Regularly

I do this regularly, I have domain names with different registrars and I log in regularly to see if any changes are made in my account. Two of my domain names from one registrar once got suspended without notification. I found out when I log in and contacted the customer support and it was reactivated. Do not always rely on email notification. Apart from your that, some registrars may change their website interface or features and if you are not current with these changes, you may make an alteration in your account when you log in after a long time and these may just put your domain name at risk.

Never Reveal Your Domain Name Account  Password

Do not be deceived or made to believe that your webmaster needs your domain registrar account password in order to create or work on your website. What is needed is only your hosting account login details. And if there is the need for anyone to access your domain name, use account administrator feature to grant them access levels. Although, some registrars don’t have this feature.

Secure Your Device

Hackers use keylogging software to capture username and passwords that is why it is necessary to install antivirus/spyware software on your computer or any other device you use to access your account and update them periodically. If you do this, it will be very difficult for your details to be revealed to someone who wants to steal your domain name.
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How To Add Adsense In-feed Ad To Blogger Old Themes On Mobile

If you have learned how to add Adsense in-feed ads to the blogger old themes and it’s not displaying on mobile view, that means you could lose some few bucks. Well, it is possible to add the in-feed ad to the mobile blogger old theme.

The following simple steps will show you how to allow in-feed ads display on blogger old theme mobile view.  The trick behind this tweak is to copy few codes of the inline ads and place in the mobile HTML codes.
==> Go to your template 'Edit HTML'. Search for this line of codes <div class='mobile-index-comment'>.

==> Paste these codes below just after the second </div> you will see.

    <b:if cond='data:post.includeAd'>
          <div class='inline-ad'>
              <div style='text-align:center; margin:15px 0px;'>
==> Replace the words IN-FEED with your in-feed ad code.

==> Save Theme

That's all

Note: You can also add any ad network codes or affiliate code with this little tweak.

I hope it works.
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How To Add Adsense In-feed Ad To Old Blogger Themes

In-feed is native ads by Google Adsense that is meant to display alongside your content. For blogger using Google Blogspot, implementing in-feed ads is still a challenge. But with a little editing of the HTML code in the blogger theme, you can allow the in-feed ad to show on your blog both on web and mobile.

The following simple steps will show you how to allow in-feed ads display on your blogger old theme. The trick behind this tweak is to alter the code for the inline ads and replace it with the in-feed ad code.

==> Sign into your blogger dashboard at blogger.com.

==> Go to Layout > Blog Post Gadget > and enable ads to show between posts.

==> Make sure the ads it fixed as to show after every 3 posts as recommended by Adsense.

==> Save Theme

==> Go to your template 'Edit HTML'. Search for this line of codes <data:adcode/> and replace it with your in-feed ad code.

==>Save Theme.

That's all. I hope it works.

How I Added Adsense In-Feed Ad To Emporio Theme

You see that in-feed ads will display in between the content block of your blog. In-feeds is best on blogs with list style view. Make sure your blog is already linked to Adsense. If no, then use the Earning tab on your dashboard to link it.
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